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Upcoming Salesforce Partner Events | Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange Partner Events

See what’s coming soon from our partners.
All events marketed on this page are a part of a paid promotion with our partners.
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PagerDuty Summit 2022

San Francisco + AMER: June 7
Sydney + APAC: June 15
London + EMEA: June 21
Join us for inspiring keynotes, product demos, hands-on training courses, and new perspectives on Developer operations, Site reliability engineering, Artificial intelligence for IT operations, process automation, and beyond.

Talkdesk Digital Showdown: Innovations in CX

Thurs, May 19, 2022
12:00 - 1:00pm EST
Virtual - Webinar
Talkdesk Digital Showdown puts three minutes on the clock for six Talkdesk partners to convince YOU that they have the most innovative CX solution in the market today. The most fantastic part? Your vote also decides the winner of $10,000 to charity!

Activity Type: How To Use It and Why You Should

Tues, May 24, 2022
2:00 - 3:00pm EST
Virtual - Webinar
Activity Type in Salesforce is usually ignored since it requires manual input. Let's see why this underutilized field is crucial for accurate analytics & reporting and how to make the most of it through automation.

8 Tips to Solve your Web Form Worries

Thurs, June 16, 2022
1:00 - 2:00pm EST
Virtual - Webinar
FormAssembly's Knowledge and Training Manager is collaborating with Lucy Mazalon, Editor and Content Operations at Salesforce Ben, to show you how to solve common web form challenges. Attendees can expect to learn simple tips to avoid duplicate information, manual data entry, and more.