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Toucan - The Twitter Client for Salesforce


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Toucan - The Twitter Client for Salesforce

Toucan - The Twitter Client for Salesforce is everything you need to link Salesforce and Twitter. Find and view tweets from users, leads, and contacts, post updates, find Twitter users in your company. Run a Tweet Campaign and view effectiveness metrics.

  • View and follow tweets, post updates, send replies to users, contacts, and leads.
  • Run a Tweet Campaign and track clickthrough metrics to determine your tweet effectiveness!
  • Save a tweet as an activity on a contact or lead, create a support case and respond via twitter.
Toucan is the patent-pending twitter client for Salesforce CRM. Toucan integrates your Salesforce users, leads, and contacts with their Twitter profiles. Save twitter IDs on the contact/lead record and use Toucan to drill-down and discover what your contacts are tweeting about.####Run a Tweet Campaign! Post a tweet and track the number of hits to that link. View reports of hits per tweet. Learn which messages are most effective to promote your brand.####HootSuite users share login IDs with Toucan, schedule tweets and tweet campaigns for a later date!####Mass/Bulk create Contacts, Leads, Accounts, or save tweets as activities. Perfect for Lead Generation!####Create a Toucan "Hot List" of your top contacts. See all recent tweets from all of your Hot List in one place. ####You can also use Toucan to:####* Post your own tweets, send replies and direct messages.##* Search all of twitter for keywords related to your contacts, accounts, products, competitors.##* Save a tweet as an activity on a contact or lead so you will always remember what was said.##* Auto-create a support case based on a tweet.##* Reply to a support case via twitter.####See more details at


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Toucan CRM

Toucan CRM is a California company that provides custom Apex and Visualforce development. Our flagship product, Toucan, is a 100% native application for linking twitter posts with your Salesforce users, contacts, and leads.

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