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First Tech Nation

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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2018
Solve your problems using Salesforce & create indigenous pathways

We have a First Nations pathway program which solves Salesforce-related problems and in doing so, we co-design a pathway program for Indigenous Technologists to become a part of your workforce.


  • Engage a Supply Nation, First Nations consultancy with deep technology capability across many government agencies and enterprise organisations (public sector, financial services, mining/oil/gas/energy, commercial, retail)
  • Create an Indigenous Pathway of employment into your organisation
  • Deliver your Reconciliation Action Plan obligations


We are a Supply Nation, First Nations business that can solve your Salesforce challenges and help you to create workforce diversity by creating pathways to employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders into your organisation. We perform this services for various enterprise and government agencies across Australia.

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About Alliance ICT Alliance ICT is a Supply Nation certified technology consulting that specialises in Salesforce implementations that also focus on bringing diversity to an organisations workforce and supply chain.####We work with organisations across all of the Salesforce clouds to setup their support services, solve Salesforce-specific problems.####A key feature are our two pathway programs:####1) First Tech Nation - we mobilise a workforce pathway program to find ways for Indigenous Technologists to work in your organisation. We provide the training and support and culturally augment your organisation by providing the cultural care for each Indigenous Technologist on an ongoing basis during their employment with you.####2) DiverSupply - we work with organisations to review their supply chain needs and help them pre-quality First Nations businesses (registered with Supply Nation) as a viable procurement options, whether it be in IT or even in any category (e.g. computer hardware, landscaping, catering, etc). We also prequalify other businesses of diversity too (i.e. neurodiversity-owned/led, women-owned/led businesses, LGBTQI+-owned/led businesses, immigrant-owned/led businesses, etc).