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CRM for NGOs / CRM pro neziskovky

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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2012
CRM solutions for nonprofits and foundations

The premier online CRM for nonprofits and foundations offers solutions for fundraising, donor, client and foundation management, incl. payment gateway.


  • Nonprofit Cloud Implementations
  • Data Migration & Support
  • Payment Gateways


Our mission was and is to connect technology, technology experts and the non-profit sector. We're rolling out Salesforce CRM, training, developing, hosting hackathons, writing articles, and keeping our finger on the pulse of the nonprofit scene. Today, the association brings together several dozen consultants/volunteers. You can learn more about our work on our References page or from our podcast.

Geographic Focus

International Czech Republic



About CRM for NGOs It started years ago, what else but volunteering. Then, thirty-year-old Aleš Jeník decided to cooperate with the Via Foundation within the Year Differently project and started developing the platform. He got to know the non-profit sector from the perspective of a programmer. He noticed right away that helping organizations did not understand technology very well. To the detriment of themselves and their cause. The biggest stumbling block seemed to be the donor database and CRM. This was what Ales had been working on in his job. He did some digging and discovered Salesforce. The world leader offered free licenses just for nonprofits and educational institutions!####Ales didn't hesitate for a minute. He approached IT specialist Jan Hromas and fundraiser Petra Joklova. Together, they founded a club driven by IT volunteers: CRM for Nonprofits. Petra took care of the organizational side and Aleš and Honza became the first volunteers of the new platform. The platform has been kindly and attentively introducing non-profits to the technological world of tomorrow since 2012.####Our mission was and is to connect technology, technology experts and the non-profit sector. We're rolling o