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Tenger Fitness

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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2022
Tenger Fitness: Know Your Platform - fast, expert, powerful, practical

Everyone has a "health check." Tenger Fitness is no health check. Is your Salesforce platform capable of achieving what you want to do next? Tenger Fitness is an inexpensive, high-performance, high-impact effort to help you get the most from Salesforce.


  • Tenger Ways is a new kind of consulting company - the "anti-consulting company." We don't believe in hard sells. We don't have quotas. We ARE customer obsessed! And, we live that by focusing on modern practices that are people-first and culture-first.
  • We are diverse. We are minority-owned. We believe in the incredible value of every person. We believe that the best ideas come from the most unexpected places. So, for us, it only makes sense to make sure that everyone has a voice.
  • Tenger is dedicated to elevating the creative and bringing joy back to the workplace, helping organizations of all types and sizes create better business value.


Is your Salesforce platform capable of achieving what you want to do next? How capable? Tenger Fitness for Salesforce follows the Salesforce Well-Architected Framework to help you gain real insights driving a clear roadmap ensuring better ROI. Your expert Salesforce Architect will perform custom analysis across security, user experience and efficiency, platform architecture, technical debt, development effectiveness, and risks, issues, and optimizations. Tenger Fitness is powered by the world's best intelligence and diagnostic platforms, including Elements.cloud and Hubbl Diagnostics. Led by our 5x Salesforce MVP, Sandi Nuss Zellner, Tenger Fitness is the path to MORE from your Salesforce platform via a two-week engagement resulting in a customer-specific program that assesses your platform and provides key next steps recommendations.

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About Tenger Ways You want more from the technology that runs your business. We help you find the way.####Tenger Ways is a new technology consulting firm based on the modern practices of a radical enterprise, providing custom services and solutions based on your unique context and needs.####We are a strategic technology consulting firm specializing in modern practices for operational IT with unique experience on the Salesforce platform. Modern Practices are designed to take advantage of emerging technologies. It means taking a people-first and culture-first approach to solving technology problems, and uses principles based on lean, DevOps, and agile ways of working, emphasizing customer experience, small batch cycles, iterative development, and continuous learning. ####Modern Practices are being used in most external, customer facing product development efforts. It’s time we start using them to improve our internal technology as well.

New York, United States