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Flow Wizards

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Level up your team with an advanced Flow wizard

Dive into Salesforce magic with our custom Flow support, turning your complex processes into clean, logical Flow solutions! Our team not only crafts tailored automations but also empowers your crew with wizard-level training and nifty custom components.


  • Tailored Solutions: When applicable, we can develop custom Apex Actions and Lightning Web Components designed specifically for your unique business requirements, ensuring your workflows are as efficient and effective as possible.
  • Complimentary Flow Tool Kit License: While under contract with us, you will receive a free license to the Flow Tool Kit, which gives you access to advanced tools and features that enhance your Salesforce Flow capabilities.
  • Expertise at Your Fingertips: Skill up your team by including a certified Flow developer and architect in your projects, bringing a higher level of expertise and knowledge directly to your organization.


Flow Wizards specializes in turning complex business tasks into simple, automated workflows using Salesforce Flow. Our team offers expert setup, training, and ongoing support to make your business processes efficient and user-friendly.####What We Offer:####Flow Implementation: We simplify your complicated business processes into streamlined workflows using Salesforce Flow, making your operations smooth and efficient.####Flow mentorship: Equip your team with the skills to use Salesforce Flow effectively with our targeted mentorship, designed to quickly get your team up to speed.####Continuous Support: Have an issue? Our support team is on standby to ensure your solutions remain operational at all times.####Introducing the Flow Tool Kit####Developed by us, the Flow Tool Kit is a certified Salesforce app that enhances your ability to create and implement advanced forms and interfaces quickly. All clients receive a free license while under contract.



About Common-Unite

Kansas City, MO, United States

We are Flow enthusiasts; no, we are Flow evangelists; better still, we are Flow fanatics! We specialize in creating custom Flow components, actions, and solutions. Our flagship product is the Flow Tool Kit (Form and Table Builder) app. The Flow Tool Kit allows system admins and declarative developers to build advanced form components that can be reused within multiple Flow screen solutions.####With Flow and the Flow Tool Kit, your team can quickly build advanced forms and interfaces declaratively. ####In addition to our AppExchange products, we can support your team with our Flow design and architecture services.####Office Hours --> https://common-unite.my.site.com/officehours