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Sparsity Labs

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Jumpstart your analytics organization and empower your company with data

Industry-leading analytics experts specialized in jumpstarting BI journeys. Build a formidable insight-generating platform while controlling hidden costs.


  • Flexibility: We can work with any of your SQL clients for dataset implementation, and can even self-host your BI products if you do not wish to operate your own Tableau Cloud Site.
  • Dynamic Reporting: We build tools that allow you to get most of what matters to you in as little time required. Need one place to understand your datasphere instead of sharing documents throughout your company? We build with simplicity of use in mind.
  • Hidden cost monitoring: Did you know that you can save 80%+ on BI costs by making your database queries more efficient? We will build your core datasets with efficiency in mind so you can retire those costly scripts AND view your data in near-real-time.


Nothing is worse than analysis paralysis. In our world, it manifests from too many (oftentimes conflicting) reports. We will build you a scalable end-to-end solution so that you can avoid the analytics overhead that accompanies running a BI org. ####Our services break down into two components:##1) Creating and aggregating your core datasets across your relevant data sources. The core datasets will generally be at the most granular level of data in your company and will allow your analytics team to easily bridge your disparate datasets and generate powerful insights.##2) Integrating your data into proven dynamic reporting tools that allow you to get 80% of your data needs in 20% of the time.####We can sell either of these products standalone, but they work best together. Clients of both services were able to cut 80%+ of their reports and save 30 hours per analyst per month on average.



About Sparsity Labs

Atlanta, GA, United States

We help customers upgrade their analytics stack by building them a scalable, best-in-class Business Intelligence platform. ####Many of our clients find themselves in one of two situations: ##1) I have a lot of data living in different places, and I want to understand how everything ties together##2) I have data and analyst/s, but we're not getting enough actionable insights even though we have all the data we need ####As founders who have worked in and built BI organizations at several companies, we know your pain. You want to extract impactful insights and share them across your organization, but you are afraid of the long and arduous process that building a healthy analytics sphere entails. The hidden costs of BI intimidate you from opening that pandora's box. The analysis paralysis of which software stack to choose doesn't help.####Let our years of struggling with these problems save you valuable time! Our best-practice implementations will get you well on your way to making data-backed decisions across your business, whether you have analysts or not. Learn more about our process by visiting our website ( and be sure to schedule a demo!