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Cloud Masons

  • Average rating of the solution or service based on AppExchange customer reviews Rating
  • Number of Salesforce-verified projects completed by the consultant Projects Completed 6
  • Number of Salesforce-certified experts employed by the consultant Certified Experts 2
  • Year this company was founded Founded 2015
South Australian AppExchange Partner and Consulting Partner since 2015

Based in Adelaide, Cloud Masons now focuses exclusively on 2 things:##1) Building really cool apps for Salesforce AppExchange##2) Providing on-demand, pre-purchased Salesforce support services for small Aussie businesses and non-profit organisations.


  • If you need an on-demand Salesforce Support service that you can purchase in blocks, visit
  • We live and breath the Salesforce Platform - so much so that we are comfortable being called #salesforcetragics. If you are considering building an app and need some guidance or advice on how to commercialise or productise your own app, we can help.
  • 9.71 CSAT Score


After nearly 5 years, Cloud Masons has ceased providing Salesforce consulting services as of January 2020.####We have decided that we should stick to what we do best, which is building truly innovative apps in the Salesforce AppExchange, as well as continue to provide the highest possible level of service and support for all our amazing clients that are part of our AdminBuddy Salesforce Support program. ####Visit to learn more about AdminBuddy Salesforce Support service and the Apps we have built or are building.



About Cloud Masons - South Australia's most innovative AppExchange Partner

Adelaide SA Australia
1800 283 397

Based in Adelaide, Cloud Masons is one of Australia's most innovative AppExchange Partners.####With 2 Salesforce AppExchange apps under our belts (ecoSIStem and skedupay), another about to be published (skedupay for IntegraPay) and 2 more in development (NAVIGATA, and SQ-UAT), the Cloud Masons team are passionate about delivering cost-effective solutions that help Salesforce customers solve real world problems. ####We took that deep Platform knowledge from building apps and combined it with our experience as a Salesforce Consulting Partner and started AdminBuddy, an on-demand Salesforce Support service that helps Salesforce customers succeed with Salesforce Platform without the burden of a managed service contract.####Visit to find out more about Admin BUddy and AppExchange Apps.