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  • Average rating of the solution or service based on AppExchange customer reviews Rating
  • Number of Salesforce-verified projects completed by the consultant Projects Completed 5
  • Number of people employed by the consultant who hold qualifying Salesforce certifications. To learn more about qualifying certifications, check the latest Salesforce Consulting Partner Program Policy. Certified Experts 2
  • Year this company was founded Founded 2018
Preparing the Workplace of Today for the Workplace of Tomorrow

Oppty is an outsourced innovation partner that helps organizations identify and solve real problems within their business. We use an agile process and technology to make their people more productive.

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  • We believe that technology will replace many of the undesired jobs of today and the companies that stay ahead of this will be the ones who succeed.
  • We believe that there are motivated employees within these companies that are open to change, willing to learn, and eager to grow.
  • We believe that in partnering with these companies, we can help them be successful while growing their people and leading to a more productive, profitable, and enjoyable place to work.


Oppty helps customers innovate by leveraging Salesforce as a platform to transform their workforce and help them exponentially grow their business. Oppty is a Partner, not a consultant. We have a Client for Life Mentality.

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About Oppty Our ideal customer is a small to midsize business (2-50 employees) with a growth mindset. They identify technology as a tool to grow. Being on Salesforce is a bonus, but not a requirement. They value and believe in their people.

Phoenix, AZ