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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2016
Platform Economy, Digital Business, Data & AI driven Business Models

Your partner for Digital Business Modelling, Prototyping, Implementation, Gotomarket, Traction & Growth e.g. Platform Economy and Data Driven Business.####With Salesforce platform we build prototypes, MVPs and final solutions for your digital business.


  • Platform Economy Business Model for Corporates in B2B, B2B2C and B2C area based on MIT and Y Combinator Blueprints e.g. RAPID DESIGN as sprint method and Salesforce.
  • Data and AI driven digital services, products and business models - data monetization and data operational excellence: develop, derive and adapt new business models and services based on existing and new internal and external data
  • Introduction of rapid development and agile processes in Digital Hubs and Accelerators by using Salesforce Platform for fast, easy and affordable solutions.


Our Services:##1. Platform Economy (B2B, B2B2C & B2C)##2. Data and AI Driven Business Models##3. RAPID DESIGN for business and technology matters##5. Digital Business IT Delivery##6. Enterprise Architecture Advisory####A combination of MIT & Y Combinator Methods, Rapid Design, Large Scale Scrum and Dev Ops build the lean approach with which we provide our services to our customers. Experts with more than 22 years of experience in financial services and IT help you to transform your business and build your success stories.

Geographic Focus

International Germany


English, French, German

About ECODYNAMICS GmbH Passion und Vision - Use the power of the ecosystems: Today many companies have to manage changes towards digital markets and eco systems. To help them to act proactively and successfully is what we focus on. If your company wants to implement a enterprise project, platform economy, digitalization project or create a digital business model with go to market, traction as well as growth strategies we are the right partners for you.

+49 (221) 1 77 38 59-0