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Mom Relaunch

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Our Ecosystem Brings Moms and Employers Together

We empower moms returning to the workforce with training and hands-on skills to optimize a successful relaunch into the workforce. Forward-thinking companies who partner with us, appreciate the value and skills working moms contribute.


  • We have fostered a hidden talent pool trained to implement Salesforce projects. By providing on-the-job experience through our LaunchPad program, we ensure that moms are ready and relevant to return to the workforce.
  • We have certified Administrators, Developers, BAs and PMs for project implementation, providing Business Process Consulting, Marketing and Sales Automation and Admin Support.
  • Support diversity and equality by providing our moms with project consultation and implementation work.


We are committed to bringing talented moms back into the workforce, championing an inclusive culture of diversity and workplace equality.####43% of women with children leave work voluntarily at some point in their career. 93% of these women who took a career break want to rejoin the workforce.####Moms returning to the workforce need a proper platform to help prepare to return to the workforce. Mom Relaunch provides this platform by training, nurturing, mentoring and advising moms as they traverse the path from career break to relaunch.

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