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eNoble Consulting

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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2017
Social Work on Salesforce

Social Work on Salesforce: Bridging Salesforce Consulting and Social Work Wisdom


  • We are Social Work on Salesforce
  • Our experienced Salesforce team handles everything from initial development and customization to configurations, data migration, and tailored solutions. Whether you need training, customizations, or data migration support, we've got you covered. Share you
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Our Salesforce solutions are deeply rooted in social work ethics and values. Our team, enriched by decades of community service, has seamlessly transitioned this expertise into empowering technological solutions. With an intimate understanding of social services challenges and an in-depth mastery of Salesforce, we've crafted our own innovative tools. Now, we're excited to offer these solutions to government and nonprofit organizations, enhancing their impact. Our goal is to improve client outcomes and streamline staff workflows, transforming the essence of public service through technology.

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About eNoble ENoble is a Salesforce ISV partner who provides state agencies, county government, and nonprofit partners the ability to perform individual functions specific to their primary missions in a fully unified way. We make technology noble through human-centered understanding. Currently ENoble has 4 applications:####Noble Child - Provides a full child welfare solution from initial intake to client discharge. This application is a modular, CCWIS-compliant system specifically designed for child-services providers.####Noble Human - Provides behavioral and community health case management from initial contact to termination of services.####Noble Justice - Provides a full digital court experience from initial e-filing to probation management.####Attendance 4 Salesforce - Allows users to take attendance in seconds. Events, trainings, classrooms, or on-site. Manage engagement, individual interests, and respond in a targeted way. Turn digital registrations into in-person attendance.

Detroit, MI 48226