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AI Harmonizers, Maximize the value of Salesforce with our CTA Architect Board

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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2023
We maximize the value of Salesforce platform with our CTA Architect Board

At AI Harmonizers, our mission is to enable companies to unlock the full potential of their Customer 360 initiatives through our innovative performance focused Salesforce solutions.


  • Architect Board##AI Harmonizers is proud to have six Salesforce Certified Technical Architects (CTAs) on our team - a rare and highly esteemed accomplishment, as there are only around 300+ CTAs worldwide. Together, they form our Architecture Board.
  • Our Products##Salesforce Org Harmonizer (SOH)##Salesforce Developer Harmonizer (SDH)##Salesforce Performance Harmonizer (SPH)
  • Our Services##Managed services: ->. Platinum | Gold | Silver | Bronze | Custom##Consulting Services: Architecture Review, Performance/Scalability analysis, Data modeling, security, integration and any customization as necessary.


Our unique approach to Salesforce implementations is to be driven by an Architecture Board that consists of six Salesforce Certified Technical Architects. This ensures a forward looking architecture and design minimizing technology debt irrespective of the size of the project.####Optimize your Salesforce implementation and reduce risk for your business-critical applications##with our Architecture Review Board Program. Our certified Salesforce Technical Architects offer##tailored reviews, tools and implementation services to accelerate project delivery and ensure success. Trust our team of experts to streamline your implementation process and maximize the value of your Salesforce investments.


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