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accelerate ROI@change with your own change community

As Salesforce® Consulting Partner we enable change communities. Why? Organisations need to adapt faster. How? Automate & scale change community outcomes. What? Get Prosci® as 'operating system for change' and utilize Salesforce® as 'platform for change'.


  • Prosci® framework facilitates 6 x increased probability for advanced customer and project success with a simplified & standardized process: AllyAllez delivered >30 trainings and certified >250 professionals in the Prosci® framework.
  • Prosci's Organizational Change Management approach accelerates organizational readiness and therefore accelerates ROI for big change projects: 80% of Fortune 100 companies change with Prosci®. AllyAllez utelizes Salesforce®, but we are not limited by it.
  • Heroku, Trailhead and Einstein are just three applications within the Salesforce suite that accelerate any change community output powered by Prosci's framework for Enterprise Change Management. AllyAllez is consulting partner for change content.


Research Facts:##Most Change Initiatives fail because Go-Live is pushed before business unit reaches ABILITY.##Resistance to change is a natural reaction and can be remedied with research-based methods by Prosci®.##Many organisations experience ‘change saturation’ leading to loss of competitiveness.##Key factor no. 1 is active and visible Leadership/Sponsorship, however most executives are not aware of their special role within a change scenario.##If people don’t change how they do their job, then it doesn’t matter what specific changes are implemented – as a rule, the stakes for the company regarding underutilised adoption are underestimated. ##Change is accelerating at every level driving digital transformation. A trial and error approach to Adoption & Change Management is wasteful.####Customer Pain Points:##Are you experiencing agent resistance due to legacy infrastructure & processes##Low agent productivity (lack of change automation)?##Does change spread at an unven pace in client's organisation (lack of agility & speed)?##Does slow reporting result in high risks (lack of insights, no dashboard for change)?##How to align Excecutives and Management for change (lack of buy-in)?

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