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Panga Solutions

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Implement and integrate your Salesforce with all your marketing tools.

Panga Solutions helps companies not only implement Salesforce but integrates Salesforce with all of your marketing tools. This increases the speed for insightful observations for your entire customers journey.


  • Marketing Cloud and Pardot are powerful tools that bright insight to your customer journey. Proper integration and implementation of these tools will reveal unseen obstacles your customers experience.
  • Effortless experience for the customer comes with efficient execution of enterprise applications. Panga Solutions finds success seeing your customer journey being smooth.
  • Bringing in a team that heavily understands the salesforce tool and has strong technology experience helps your company get on the right path to success.


Being a certified Salesforce Partner, Panga Solutions understands the power of Salesforce. Salesforce has changed the business world as we know it. Panga Solutions focus has been to ensure customers see and feel the power that Salesforce has for any growing company.####2020 was an unprecedented year for all businesses. As companies have adapted to new trends and ways of doing business, the argument for digital transformation has never been stronger. Many companies have new questions, such as: ####“How do we know our leads are being converted efficiently?”##“Which campaigns have brought about the best results?”##“Can the rest of the business keep up with the growth or do we need to automate heavy trafficked processes?”##“Are sales getting collected in a timely manner?”####These questions are often resolved through introducing tools like Salesforce or integrating other enterprise applications to Salesforce.####Panga Solutions has proven to be a valuable partner in the digital transformation journey for every client. We produce desired results through successfully implementing Salesforce and other digital applications and help businesses reach their goals.

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