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Salesforce Security, Compliance and Resilience Specialist

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We will help you keep your Salesforce Data safe and secure

Platinum7 are able to assist you with understanding where you may have security, compliance or resilience challenges with your Salesforce environment. From your production org, through your sandboxes, integrations and connected systems - we can help.

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  • Assessments are where you usually start on the journey. The assessment would look across the whole Salesforce environment and to connected systems, and the policies and procedures to make sure you are taking advantage of all the Salesforce features.
  • Remediation is what normally follows the assessment as you need to close these security, compliance or resilience issues. It may be in your org settings, development processes, integrated systems, policies and/or procedures. Let us help you.
  • From then on, keeping a watch over the status of your environment is key. Platinum7 has a "Security as a Service" offering where you get regular assessments and a bundle of days for remediation, guidance or education. The plan can be tailored to suit.


Platinum7 wants all Salesforce customers to have the most appropriate security settings for their orgs. There are many configuration settings that will cause security and privacy issues in your Salesforce org if not set up correctly. Customers in regulated industries also have additional requirements to comply with.####Using my 13 years of Salesforce Security and Platform experience and knowledge, I will assess your Salesforce org to inform you of its current security settings. The report will contain findings in severity order and mitigation steps for these findings as well as a roadmap for you to follow to get to the most appropriate security stance for you. For regulated industries, I can provide in-depth advisory services to assist in getting you to be compliant with the appropriate regulations.####I offer a low cost initial assessment of your Salesforce org and from there can provide mitigation, implementation, or advisory services. My “Security as a Service” offering will provide you with ongoing detailed assessments that cover not only your org, they will also cover your policies and procedures as well as the interconnected systems that touch your Salesforce org.

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