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Shea Consulting

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  • Number of Salesforce-verified projects completed by the consultant Projects Completed 0
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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2012
Salesforce architecture that delivers results.

Shea Consulting provides Salesforce Architecture services that deliver business results. We work with organizations to help them see the big picture, apply Salesforce best practices, and enable their Salesforce teams to execute effectively.


  • ARCHITECTURE - We provide architecture expertise and guidance so your Salesforce team can best leverage the platform. This includes product/cloud selection, system design and modernization of legacy systems/technical debt.
  • DEVELOPMENT - We work hands-on in your Salesforce org to leverage the most technical features of the platform. This includes Apex development, API development, system integrations and large data initiatives.
  • TEAM LEADERSHIP - Many of our initiatives involve leadership of our clients’ Salesforce teams. This can include leading team meetings, helping teams to prioritize work, mentoring team members, and defining roles, responsibilities and skills gaps.


Salesforce Architects are a critical resource to building a high-ROI Salesforce org. But many organizations don't have the need, or budget, for a full-time architect. Our Salesforce architecture services enable organizations to get targeted architecture expertise delivered in a way that works for them. Having the right architecture expertise allows organizations to deliver business results, adopt Salesforce best-practices, avoid surprises, and get maximum leverage from their Salesforce team.

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About Shea Consulting We provide hands-on architecture, development and leadership ##that enables Salesforce teams to succeed.####We believe that Salesforce projects are most effective when they’re focused on clear, measurable business results. We help our clients cut through the noise and make practical forward progress toward their goals. Our work involves traditional tech deliverables like data models, architecture diagrams and code, along with leadership and guidance that enables our clients’ Salesforce teams to perform their best.

Shrewsbury, MA