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Leverage Salesforce for Event Planning and Cost Accounting

At, we provide consulting services and technology to help organizations using get more out of their events and gather critical marketing spend data to improve ROI


  • We help companies using create event and marketing processes that gather critical information from attendees and organize all collaborators that automate data entry and campaign management with their instance.
  • We help companies using develop an automated system for collecting per target costs for marketing events that are automatically entered in their Salesforce instance for accurate ROI calculations against specific campaigns.
  • We help plan the digital component for roadshows and other event campaigns leveraging


Through our consulting services and technology, we help companies that currently use develop digital components and processes that improve ROI on event based marketing through a number of means. ####1. Develop a digital 'intake,' process for an event or series of events that segments attendees organically, gathers necessary information, such as food restrictions, special accommodations, lead capture items, custom gifts for swag bags and more for collaborators. Collaborators include vendors, venues, caterers and team members. ####2. Connect these processes to Salesforce to automate data capturing according to the organization's needs. ####3. Work with clients to develop a cost and accounting system that makes it easy to determine the real cost of each attendee versus potential and realized ROI. ####Demo - Simple BuildaBox flow with Salesforce:



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