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Auxilio - Salesforce Implemantations for SME

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Specialising in Sales Cloud implementations for small businesses

Auxilio specialises in Sales Cloud implementations for Small Businesses that are looking for a cost effective implementation that focuses on an MVP approach to get companies up and running with Salesforce in lean timeframes.


  • Establishing a Customer Journey Map is key as this drives the product scope and gives clear direction for what needs to be in the MVP.
  • We offer a range of highly competitive fixed price plans for out of the box implementations
  • Ongoing Training and support is available - however we also focus on developing basic skills within the organisation to reduce dependencies


We have passion to support and work alongside Small businesses that are in growth mode and need a robust and scalable CRM solution. We place emphasis on defining the product brief /needs and wants and to not over engineer the solution. Instead we focus on developing a targeted MVP that delivers value as soon as possible. We then work with users to collectively iterate further and streamline the product to better meet the day top day business needs, future growth aspirations and any key compliance/audit / reporting requirements. User guides and training/onboarding is provided and Key Account Management is offered if needed to further support user engagement

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