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ONIX Consulting LLC

  • Average rating of the solution or service based on AppExchange customer reviews Rating
  • Number of Salesforce-verified projects completed by the consultant Projects Completed 2
  • Number of people employed by the consultant who hold qualifying Salesforce certifications. To learn more about qualifying certifications, check the latest Salesforce Consulting Partner Program Policy. Certified Experts 8
Assist businesses in optimizing & enhancing operations

Our experience in third-party integrations and various Salesforce Clouds allows us to assist businesses in optimizing their operations and enhancing customer relationships


  • Expert Salesforce Guidance: Access expert guidance to maximize the potential of Salesforce, ensuring that you make the most of this powerful CRM platform
  • AppExchange Cutting-Edge Solutions: Harness innovative solutions from AppExchange, integrated seamlessly into your Salesforce ecosystem, enhancing productivity and driving growth
  • Multi-CRM System Expertise: Benefit from our broad expertise across various CRM systems, ensuring comprehensive support for your organization, regardless of the CRM platform you use


1. Salesforce Consulting: Harness the full power of Salesforce with our expert guidance.##2. Third-Party Integrations: Seamlessly connect with essential external tools and software.##3. AppExchange Integration: Use up-to-date solutions that enhance your Salesforce ecosystem.##4. B2B Customer Relationship Enhancement: Build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with your B2B clients.##5. CRM System Expertise: Beyond Salesforce, we have experience with various CRM systems, ensuring comprehensive support for your organization.####Our Successes:##ONIX Consulting consistently delivers exceptional results for the clients. We specialize in implementing third-party integrations, streamlining workflows, and enhancing customer relationships.##Our commitment to tailored CRM offerings ensures that our clients receive the support best suited to their unique needs and budgets.

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About ONIX Consulting LLC

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