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Prokope: Salesforce Consulting for Financial Services & Fintech

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Strategically Advancing Tech Innovation with Salesforce

Prokope Group offers specialized Salesforce consulting for Financial Institutions and Fintech companies. We focus on practical strategies that drive technology advancement through fintech and promote digital transformation in financial institutions.


  • Strategic Salesforce Services:Tailored strategies crafted in the boardrooms of major banks, ensuring solutions resonated with the unique challenges of financial institutions.
  • Rich Industry Experience: Over two decades of industry experience, playing pivotal roles in leading technology strategies at major financial institutions, including a top-10 US bank, driving significant digital transformation and modernization.
  • Certified Salesforce Expertise: Boasting multiple Salesforce certifications, including the prestigious Salesforce Certified Technical Architect, underscoring a commitment to excellence and mastery in Salesforce technologies.


Prokope is a specialized Salesforce consulting firm focused on Financial Institutions and Fintech companies. With over two decades of experience in the financial services sector, we offer precise and effective digital transformation strategies.####For Financial Institutions:##Prokope develops strategies that align with the specific needs and goals of traditional financial institutions. We focus on fostering innovation, improving operational efficiencies, and building a strong market presence. Our guidance is based on extensive experience and insights from working closely with major banks.####For Fintech Companies:##Prokope acts as a strategic partner for Fintech companies, helping them navigate the complexities of technological advancement. We assist in managing RFPs and due-diligence processes, with a strong emphasis on information security. Our support enhances product capabilities and improves market strategies, facilitating quicker market entry and growth.####Accomplishments and Testimonials:##Prokope has a track record of delivering significant results, including initiatives that have substantially increased efficiency and improved sales outcomes. Proven success in financial services.

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About Prokope Consulting Group LLC Prokope Group: Elevating Financial Services & Fintech Innovation####Prokope Group specializes in strategic Salesforce consulting, uniquely tailored for Financial Institutions and Fintech companies. We are dedicated to driving digital transformation and innovation, navigating complexities with clarity and strategic alignment. Our expertise extends beyond traditional financial institutions, embracing the vibrancy and agility of fintech companies, fostering innovation and digital advancement in the financial services industry.####Specialization: Our expertise encompasses Financial Services Digital Transformation, Salesforce Strategy, and Retained Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) services. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and objectives of each organization, ensuring customization, relevance, and strategic alignment.####Commitment: Choose Prokope for a partnership rooted in wisdom, incremental progress, and a steadfast commitment to achieving transformative success together.

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