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Granite Data Pro | Analyze & Activate Consumer Data

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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2024
Driving data-led growth for publishers, media companies, and DTC brands.

Granite Data Pro helps media companies and DTC businesses overcome data-related challenges. Our services streamline research, operations, and reporting across organizational teams with a first-party data approach. Find your perfect data-driven strategy.


  • Publisher Experience: Work with a team that understands what it's like to be on the publisher side of the business — with over a decade working with programmatic advertising, subscription management, and affiliate marketing.
  • DTC Marketing Automation: Take the manual effort out of email and mobile marketing with highly relevant touch points for each stage of your customer's journey.
  • CDP Integrations: With modern customer data platforms, previously complex and tedious audience segmentation and targeting can now be done easier than ever — let us help you supercharge your CDP with first-party data!


Granite Data Pro is the ultimate system integrator for marketing data and business intelligence. We develop strong data pipelines, centralized data warehouses, and unified reporting & analytics solutions for publishers and DTC brands. We activate first-party data across your organization's tech stack — including marketing automation platforms (MAP), digital experience platforms (DXP), consumer data platforms (CDP), customer relationship management platforms (CRM), and email service providers (ESP).####Our solutions make it easy to take action on the insights you've built around your audience — leveraging consumer marketing data to grow upsell/cross-sell opportunities, subscription renewals and reactivations, and marketing automations that maintain timely, relevant communications in a one-to-one manner with your customers.



About Granite Data Pro

Orlando, Florida, United States