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Public Health 360 - Your Public Health Operating System

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The All-in-One Platform Empowering Public Health Departments to Thrive

Transforming public health with scientific rigor, capacity-building expertise, and human-centric solutions. Former public health officials solving complex challenges through evidence-based strategies, empowerment, and deep understanding of client needs.


  • Scientific Rigor: Our solutions are grounded in the latest research and academic partnerships, ensuring evidence-based strategies that drive sustainable change.
  • Capacity Building: Our THRIVE methodology empowers your team to become self-reliant, adaptable, and resilient long after our engagement.
  • People-Centric Approach: We deeply understand the needs, goals, and aspirations of every person involved, tailoring our solutions for maximum impact.


Flourish & Thrive Labs, a team of former public health officials, is revolutionizing the industry with Public Health 360 - an innovative operating system built on the Salesforce platform. Grounded in scientific rigor and a deep understanding of public health challenges, this comprehensive solution empowers departments to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and build resilience.##Key features of Public Health 360:##- Integrated modules for licensing, permitting, inspections, nursing, vital records, grants, immunizations, and communicable disease management##- Seamless data integration and real-time reporting for data-driven decision-making##- Configurable workflows that adapt to your department's unique needs##- Mobile accessibility for on-the-go productivity##- Capacity-building tools to upskill your team and ensure long-term self-sufficiency##Backed by Flourish & Thrive Labs' proven track record of transforming public health through scientific methodologies and human-centric design, Public Health 360 is your next step in building a resilient public health system.



About Fourish and Thrive Labs, LLC

Grayslake, Illinois, USA

Founded in 2018 by visionaries Jefferson and Juliana McMillan-Wilhoit, F&T Labs is driven by transforming organizations. Initially a two-person venture, we've evolved into a diverse team of dedicated experts in healthcare, technology, non-profit, and government sectors. Our growth is powered by our dedication to delivering bespoke solutions for our clients. ####With a proven track record, we have successfully navigated organizations through major transformations, modernizing antiquated processes, and refining service offerings to meet community needs. As a women-owned business, diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of our ethos, empowering us to bring unique insights and innovative solutions. ####Today, F&T Labs relentlessly pushes organizational transformation boundaries. We commit ourselves to helping our clients overcome challenges and thrive in a dynamic world. As we shape the future, we're eager to create a lasting impact on our partners and the communities they serve. Choose F&T Labs for personalized, quality support in navigating your organizational changes.