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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2022
Boosting energy sector efficiency with tailored Salesforce solutions.

FortisCloud offers tailored Salesforce solutions for the energy sector, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Specializing in customized integration and optimization, we help businesses achieve operational excellence and a competitive edge.


  • Strategic Integration and Automation:##Expert in seamlessly integrating Salesforce with existing systems and automating processes to boost productivity and reduce costs.
  • Future-Ready Solutions:##Committed to delivering scalable and adaptable CRM strategies that ensure long-term growth and a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving energy market.
  • Comprehensive Tech Integration:##Leveraging a wide range of technologies, including AWS, to craft the most effective and cost-efficient solutions tailored to your specific needs.


FortisCloud is revolutionizing the energy sector with bespoke Salesforce solutions, meticulously designed to boost operational efficiency and enrich customer relationships. By eschewing the one-size-fits-all approach, we focus on aligning Salesforce's powerful capabilities with the unique needs and processes of each client. From addressing the high costs and complexities of CRM systems to facilitating seamless integration and user-friendly experiences, our strategies ensure optimized performance and cost savings. Our expertise extends to automating workflows, enhancing data analytics, and providing the strategic insights necessary for informed decision-making. With a commitment to scalability and future readiness, FortisCloud empowers energy companies to not only navigate the challenges of today's market dynamics but also to seize tomorrow's opportunities with confidence. Partnering with us means gaining a strategic ally dedicated to leveraging Salesforce to its fullest potential, driving growth, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage.


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About FortisCloud GmbH

Eschborn, Hessen, Germany
+49 6196 58655675