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Continuous Security Monitoring

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360° Web Security monitoring from code to cloud with AI-powered remediation

eCyLabs Continuous Security Monitoring (eCyCSM) to identify cyber attacks and data breaches in your website and web applications.


  • Platform: provides 360 degree detection of your security posture from code to cloud. Dynamic array of dashboards tailored to meet their diverse preferences, it provides options to switch between Tech Stack, OWASP Top 10, Compliance and more!
  • Exploitability Index gets insight about how likely the vulnerability will get exploited and prioritise the items that demand immediate attention.
  • AI Assisted Risk Remediation can help you with remediation steps and patching best practices. eCyAI fundamentally changed the way how organisations handle vulnerabilities.


eCyLabs Continuous Security Monitoring (eCyCSM): Proactive Protection Against Cyber Threats##Enhance your website's defense with eCyCSM, leveraging advanced threat hunting bots to detect and thwart cyber attacks and data breaches. Gain a comprehensive overview of your application security, spanning from code to cloud, with our 360-degree monitoring approach.####Detect and analyze anomalies in real-time through our intuitive dashboard, powered by eCyCSM. Our OverWatch service ensures continuous human analysis, predicting and alerting you to potential exploits before they occur.####eCyCSM's arsenal includes specialized bots such as OWASP Detections, Cryptographic Weakness Scanners, DAST, and more, providing thorough surveillance and proactive guidance against evolving threats. With AI-driven recommendations, we deliver unmatched expertise for effective vulnerability remediation.####Protect your digital assets with eCyLabs Continuous Security Monitoring, your trusted partner in safeguarding against emerging cyber threats.



About eCylabs


eCyLabs is cloud based purpose-built security posture validation platform for business to gain insights on the vulnerabilities and threats associated with your business critical applications. Organizations leverage eCyLabs platforms to analyze security threats for business applications as an outsider, find known and unknown attack vectors that includes bad bots, malware infections, instructions, dark web analysis and other cyber threats for web and mobile applications.##eCyLabs professional services team help customers to address their key security challenges through a cost effective solution and offers security consulting from infrastructure to applications.