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Omni's AI ChatGPT Chatbots | Integrates with Salesforce | AI Automation

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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2002
Omni Chatbots: The power of Salesforce + ChatGPT + AI, FOCUSED on your data

Our ChatGPT Chatbots are built to use with Salesforce! Harness the Power of Salesforce & ChatGPT, FOCUSED on your data. Integrate with your Salesforce Org, website, knowledgebase, and 2,000 other platforms! Our Chatbot takes action - creates records.


  • CHAT CONVERSATIONS - CREATE & UPDATE RECORDS##Create/update records in Salesforce & more than 2,000 other platforms.##It's an AI ActionBot! Our chatbots can take ACTION based on conversation between the bot and your prospects, customers, or employees.
  • CHATGPT NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING (NLP)##Leverage ChatGPT's Natural Language Processing model, built into your chatbot. No more pre-written scripts to a dead end "conversation". NLP holds a conversation and figures out how to best answer / assist you.
  • CHATBOT CHANNELS - WEBSITE | LIGHTING APP##Embed your chatbot into a variety of channels including; Salesforce Lightning App, website chat, text message, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Voice, Email, and more!


As industry leaders, we offer your organization the pinnacle of chatbot technology in a seamless turnkey solution.####Our ChatGPT Chatbots seamlessly integrate with your Salesforce org, website, knowledgebase, and beyond. These advanced bots employ natural language processing to access Salesforce data, manage records, initiate workflows, and collaborate with over 2,000 distinct platforms. This ensures streamlined cross-departmental and cross-platform automations.####Seeking an Enterprise Solution? Look no further. Our chatbots are designed for enterprise-grade platforms, remaining versatile across Salesforce Cloud Storage, Google Storage, AWS, ChatGPT, IBM WCS, MS LUIS, and Google NL. They boast front-end integration capabilities, including Lightning Components, websites, and custom apps. Engage through diverse chat channels: SFDC Lightning, Web, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Email, and more.

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About Omni Consultants Over the past 20 years, we have helped companies doing business in over 20 countries. I guess one could say we now have 20/20 vision. We apply the valuable lessons we have learned to your Salesforce org. We help you avoid common pain points and teach you how to get massive leverage from your Salesforce org using tips and tricks we have seen work with other clients. We can turn an expensive address book into a valuable CRM tool that propels your company. ####We specialize in building custom tools to meet your company's specific needs. We get endless satisfaction implementing small and simple custom builds that can literally change the trajectory of your business KPI's. We know this sounds like marketing hype. We promise we will show you in one free consultation, how we can do this for your Salesforce org.####We offer wall-to-wall services covering all your CRM needs. We offer everything from Remote admin, support, configuration, custom builds, platform integrations, product implementations, and much more. We are often able to make our work pay for itself.####We are confident you will find us affordable. We are eager to deliver the best consultation experience you have ever had!

Lancaster, PA, USA.