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The Salesforce:X Integration - Integrate with Anything

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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2023
Unleash Your Salesforce Potential - Seamlessly Connected!

Affordable Salesforce:X Integration service, starting at under $10K/year. Seamlessly connect Salesforce with any enterprise software or external service, no connectors needed! Streamline your business now!


  • Integrate with external services, such as D&B, Zoominfo, Government procurement data sources, and credit agencies.
  • No software subscription required - Integration-as-a-Service: we build, operate and maintain your custom integration for a flat annual fee.
  • Add workflow / human-in-the-loop steps between Salesforce and other systems for business processes that span CRM, ERP and industry-specific software applications.


Discover the Power of Salesforce:X Integration - Seamlessly Connect Your Salesforce Environment with Any Enterprise Software or External Service!####Are you looking to optimize your business processes and boost productivity? Our affordable Salesforce:X Integration service is the perfect solution! With annual production costs starting at under $10K, we specialize in integrating your Salesforce environment with any of your enterprise software systems or external services - and the best part is, no connectors required!####Streamline your operations, improve data flow, and enhance collaboration across your entire ecosystem. Our expert team ensures a smooth and hassle-free integration process, empowering you to harness the full potential of Salesforce. Say goodbye to manual data transfers and embrace a seamless and automated workflow that saves time and resources.####Take the next step towards business efficiency and growth. Unleash your Salesforce potential today with our powerful integration expertise. ####Don't forget to try our FREE beta for Case-to-Slack Case Collaboration app on the AppExchange - streamlining Salesforce Service Cloud & Slack for unparalleled efficiency!



About Measure Consulting

Virginia Beach, VA

Measure Consulting helps sales leaders measure what matters and helps technology leaders implement systems to measure those things reliably. Founded by a former F/A-18 pilot and Vice President of Sales for a fast-growing software company, we understand precision, perspective, human behavior and performance. Armed with the world's best no-code business process automation platform with rules engine (Decisions), we know how to extend Salesforce so that salespeople and sales leaders have well-instrumented cockpits.####Measure Consulting's broader practice includes all forms of business process consulting and automation. We develop no-code applications that orchestrate across CRM, ERP, MES, HRIS, and custom business-specific software systems. We automate your most time-consuming error-prone business processes, yet know how to gracefully incorporate human cognition when it's required. The end result is happier members of your team who are thrilled to be more productive for you.####Check out our FREE beta version of our orchestration between Salesforce Service Cloud and Slack: the Case-to-Slack Case Collaboration automation.