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CRM Sharks

  • Average rating of the solution or service based on AppExchange customer reviews Rating
  • Number of Salesforce-verified projects completed by the consultant Projects Completed 1
  • Number of people employed by the consultant who hold qualifying Salesforce certifications. To learn more about qualifying certifications, check the latest Salesforce Consulting Partner Program Policy. Certified Experts 9
  • Year this company was founded Founded 2023
Unleash the Power of Customer Relationships with CRM Sharks

Our consultants excel in solving pain points by leveraging deep Salesforce knowledge, customizing and integrating solutions, streamlining sales processes, analyzing data, enhancing customer relationship management, and providing comprehensive training.


  • Tailored CRM Solutions | Streamlined Sales Processes | Data-Driven Insights | Seamless Integrations | Exceptional Support | Customer-Centric Approach | Scalable Solutions | Trusted Partnership


At CRM Sharks, we are dedicated to helping businesses unlock the full potential of their customer relationships. We specialize in delivering tailored CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions that drive growth, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.####With a team of experienced consultants and a deep understanding of Salesforce, we provide comprehensive services including CRM implementation, customization, and support. Our expertise lies in streamlining sales processes, automating tasks, integrating systems, and leveraging data-driven insights to optimize customer interactions and drive revenue.####What sets us apart is our commitment to understanding your unique business needs and goals. We take the time to analyze your processes, identify pain points, and design customized solutions that align with your specific requirements. Whether you are a small business or a growing enterprise, we have the expertise to scale and tailor our solutions to meet your evolving needs.####Experience the power of CRM with CRM Sharks and take your business to new heights. Let us be your trusted partner in unleashing the true potential of your customer relationships.

Geographic Focus

United States
Maryland New York Pennsylvania
International Nigeria Poland


English, Russian

About CRM Sharks LLC At CRM Sharks, we are a trusted Salesforce Partner dedicated to transforming businesses with innovative CRM solutions. Our expertise lies in streamlining customer communication, automating processes, enhancing sales pipeline management, and providing exceptional customer service. With a team of experts, we strive to optimize operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth for our clients.####Integrity, excellence, and customer-centricity are the core values we uphold. Our goal is to establish strong and enduring partnerships, guiding clients through their digital transformation journey. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value and measurable results, tailoring strategies to meet unique needs and goals.####Our commitment to excellence has garnered industry recognition, earning us prestigious awards for our contributions to the Salesforce ecosystem. These accolades validate our expertise, dedication, and success in delivering cutting-edge solutions.####Choose CRM Sharks as your Salesforce Partner and unlock your business's full potential. Together, we can achieve success and growth. ####CRM Sharks: Your Trusted Salesforce Partner. Streamline, Automate, Excel.