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10 Ways AppExchange Apps Can Boost Efficiency

We all hope to love our jobs, and to provide a meaningful impact on the companies where we work. To further that goal, we seek tools that aid us in these endeavors, which help remove blockers and create new efficiencies.

There are AppExchange apps that help employees across roles, departments, and industries do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. These apps impact people in ways both small and large, automating tasks, consolidating information and systems, and more closely integrating systems with Salesforce.

Below, we highlight a few apps that can make a big difference in making your company more efficient. We then share 10 ways in which AppExchange apps can impact your business and help make employees more effective in their jobs.

Conga Composer

Conga Composer makes document generation easy and accurate. The app helps you save time, cut costs, and scale with document automation, merging data into documents for proposals, quotes, and more in a variety of formats, ranging from Word to PowerPoint to PDFs.

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Dell Boomi AtomSphere

AtomSphere enables quick, easy connections to any combination of SaaS, cloud, and on-premise applications directly from the web. There’s no required software, coding, or apps to install or maintain. Boomi Suggest anonymously indexes data mapping across users to simplify and expedite integration configuration and deployment processes.

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Fonteva Events

Fonteva Events is enterprise events software, powered by Salesforce, that assists with online registration, agendas, planning logistics, and more, all integrated seamlessly into your events operation. Fonteva Events can manage dozens of event types, with full payment processing and customizable, branded registration websites.

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10 efficiency benefits from AppExchange:

1. Run events more effectively: Planning events can require significant coordination and resources. If you’re planning an event using multiple pieces of software, spreadsheets, and other systems, chances are you’re creating headaches. AppExchange apps like Fonteva Events can help assist with the many elements of event planning while incorporating Salesforce data at the same time.

2. Integrate systems quickly: If your business runs on multiple systems, including a combination of on-premise and cloud-based solutions, it’s likely that they’re either not talking to each other, or integration is a tedious project. AppExchange apps such as Dell Boomi AtomSphere can help transform the way you run your business, saving time and effort in creating integrations. 

3. Generate quotes, contracts, and documents without manual work: We all know that sales reps would much rather be out talking to prospects and customers than back in the office generating paperwork. AppExchange apps, such as Conga Composer, take the manual data entry out of the sales process, freeing up sales teams to do the work of selling. These apps often allow for standardized templates, too, so your teams don’t need to create documents from scratch each time.

4. Automate lead routing: For the sake of both sales reps and customers, ensuring the right leads go to the right reps at the right time is in everyone’s best interest. AppExchange apps can support lead routing and workflow to automatically assign leads based on any number of criteria, even handling contingencies like seniority or vacation time.

5. Help service agents provide a better customer experience: AppExchange apps can help provide a better customer service experience in a lot of different ways. There are apps that support omni-channel customer service, helping deliver service via SMS, Live Chat, phone contact centers, and more. Plus, by integrating directly with Salesforce, these apps can give service agents the information they need at their fingertips to elevate customer service.

6. Make the lives of Salesforce admins easier: Let’s face it: Salesforce admins have a lot on their plate, especially if they are coming in to an existing Salesforce customer to try to re-organize an org. They’re in luck, however, with apps from AppExchange. Trailblazing admins can use apps to de-dupe, mass update, integrate systems, report, customize, and more, all without having to spend unnecessary time building from scratch.

7. Efficiently manage orders, inventory, shipping, and more: For manufacturers looking to move from on-premise ERP solutions to the cloud, Salesforce can help provide a 360-degree view of customers and products. And with AppExchange apps, including ERP and PLM apps, manufacturers can achieve a single source of truth that streamlines business from product development, ordering, inventory, fulfillment, and reporting.

8. Clear out manual data entry processes and spreadsheets: One of the biggest benefits to AppExchange apps, across categories and industries, is the elimination of manual data entry that often ties up employees for hours or days. In particular, finance apps built on Salesforce can move data from spreadsheets into Salesforce, which cuts down on data entry, and in turn minimizes the risks associated with data entry errors, cutting down on potential liabilities in your organization.

9. Manage projects directly from Salesforce: If you’re already managing much of the customer experience within Salesforce, from customer acquisition, to customer service and account management, why leave Salesforce to manage projects? AppExchange apps specializing in project management can help you create projects from objects, kick off workflows based on triggers, centralize reporting, and manage projects via the Salesforce mobile app.

10. Onboard employees more effectively and efficiently: Deploying learning and onboarding materials for new employees can be onerous. Once the material is created, rolling modules out to new employees, tracking and reporting on progress, and ensuring relevant content is delivered is taxing work. Fortunately, AppExchange apps can help make HR teams more efficient by deploying learning right from Salesforce, helping deploy learning by assigning training modules to certain roles, and tracking progress within Salesforce dashboards.

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Andrew Gothelf is Senior Manager, AppExchange Marketing
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