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Find Your Consulting Partner Match with Salesforce Navigator

Salesforce Navigator recognizes achievements by our consulting partners and we measure expertise in the areas of technical knowledge, project experience, and customer success. Learn how Navigator can help you match with the best consulting partner for your next Salesforce project.

Why Does Navigator Status Matter?

Navigator status is the easiest way to understand how much experience a partner has with a Salesforce product or industry. For example, maybe you’re in the retail industry and need to roll out a Marketing Cloud implementation. You want to find a consulting firm that has deep Marketing Cloud experience. You can use the Navigator filters on AppExchange’s Consultants page to quickly zero in on the partners with proven expertise in this area.

Understand the Navigator Levels

The Navigator program has three levels.

  • Level I Specialist: Level I Specialists have proven to Salesforce that they possess the knowledge to deliver customer success in a cloud or industry vertical.
  • Level II Specialist: Level II Specialists have proven to Salesforce that they have the knowledge and experience to deliver on complex projects in a cloud or industry vertical, while maintaining high levels of customer success.
  • Expert: Experts have proven to Salesforce that they are thought leaders in a cloud or industry vertical. They can handle the largest and most complex projects and achieve the highest standards of customer success.

How Do Partners Advance in the Navigator Program?

To advance in the Navigator program, Salesforce considers a partner’s achievements in these areas.

  • Knowledge: Technical understanding of Salesforce products and their applications, configurations, and administration, as measured through earned credentials, such as certifications.
  • Experience: Accrued from implementing Salesforce products in different environments and with different customers. Partners are measured by the number of relevant projects they’ve completed in the previous two years.
  • Quality: Consistency with which partners deliver customer success. Quality is measured through customer satisfaction scores from projects or implementations.

I’m Ready to Find a Consulting Partner

When you’re ready to find a consulting partner for your next project, start with the AppExchange Consultant Finder. Then, as you narrow down your list of candidates, check the Expertise tab on the consulting partner’s listing to view the full breadth of their cloud and industry capabilities. 

Jochem Geerdink is Director of Product Management for Salesforce.