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How to Find the Right Salesforce-Certified Partner Expert

Get the most out of Salesforce with the most powerful ecosystem of partner apps + experts

The Salesforce ecosystem is made up of over 170K experts across consulting firms and digital agencies. Our partners bring strategic guidance, deep technical skills, and Salesforce expertise across every industry, product, and region so that you can identify, implement, and innovate with better outcomes.

How Do I Find the Right Salesforce Certified Consulting Partner?

You can view a partner’s verified Salesforce product and industry expertise, in real time, on the Consultants page on the AppExchange.

There are two quick ways to get started:

(1) Type a partner name into the AppExchange Search bar to validate the expertise of Consulting partners you already know and trust. Then click on their Consultant listing, toggle to their Expertise tab to review their credentials.

(2) Use the Filters on the Consultants page to quickly narrow your search based on product, industry, or location, and review the display of Salesforce certified partners

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Why Does Partner Expertise Matter?

You want to work with a Partner expert who has a track record of successfully delivering solutions that meet your unique business needs. Salesforce measures and validates a partner’s expertise based three attributes: knowledge of Salesforce products, experience in projects delivered and quality of customer experience.

  • Knowledge: measures a partner’s breadth and depth of credentials for each industry and product.
  • Experience: measures a partner’s accrued experience from implementing Salesforce products within different use cases.
  • Quality: measures the consistency with which partners are able to deliver exceptional customer success.

What do the Salesforce Expertise Levels Tell Me About a Partner’s Expertise?

You will see a partner’s level of expertise within the Expertise tab of their Consultant listing on AppExchange

  • Level I Specialist: Partners who have earned a Level I Specialist status have proven to Salesforce that they possess the knowledge to deliver customer success in a product or industry vertical.
  • Level II Specialist: Partners who have earned a Level II Specialist status have proven to Salesforce that they have the knowledge and experience to deliver on more complex projects in a product or industry vertical, while maintaining high levels of customer success.
  • Expert: Partners who have earned an Expert status have proven to Salesforce that they are thought leaders with a breadth of experience in a cloud or industry vertical. They can handle the largest and most complex projects and achieve the highest standards of customer success.

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