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Find a Consulting Partner With the Expertise You Need

For every one of your challenges, there’s a partner ready to deliver a solution

Our consultants are a community of certified Salesforce professionals who are ready to work with you across the Customer 360 and industries. You can view a consultant’s verified product and industry expertise, in real time, on the AppExchange.

Why Does Expertise Matter?

You want to partner with a consultant that has a track record of successfully delivering a specific Salesforce product or industry solution. For example, if you are in the retail industry and need to roll out a Marketing Cloud implementation, you want to find a Consulting partner that has deep and measurable Marketing Cloud expertise. You can visit the AppExchange to quickly zero in on the partners with proven expertise in this area.

Salesforce Navigator is the way Consulting partner expertise is measured and shared with customers. Salesforce defines a partner’s Navigator expertise by three incremental levels, comprised of quality, experience in projects delivered, and knowledge of Salesforce products.

  • Quality: Salesforce defines quality as the consistency with which partners deliver customer success. Quality is measured through customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores collected at the end of a project or implementation.
  • Experience: Salesforce defines experience as familiarity implementing Salesforce products in different environments and with different customers. A partner’s experience is measured by the number of relevant projects they’ve completed in the previous two years.
  • Knowledge: Salesforce defines knowledge as a technical understanding of Salesforce products and their applications, configurations, and administration, as measured through earned credentials, such as certifications.

What do the Navigator Levels Tell Me About a Consultant’s Expertise?

  • Level I Specialist: Partners who have earned a Level I Specialist status have proven to Salesforce that they possess the knowledge to deliver customer success in a product or industry vertical.
  • Level II Specialist: Partners who have earned a Level II Specialist status have proven to Salesforce that they have the knowledge and experience to deliver on more complex projects in a product or industry vertical, while maintaining high levels of customer success.
  • Expert: Partners who have earned an Expert status have proven to Salesforce that they are thought leaders in a cloud or industry vertical. They can handle the largest and most complex projects and achieve the highest standards of customer success.

How do I Find the Right Consulting Partner?

When you use Consultants on AppExchange to create a short list of qualified partners, you will see the results displayed by partners with Expert level distinctions at the top, followed by Level II Specialists, and then Level I Specialists. Visit the Consulting Home page, select your desired product or industry filters, and click on the resulting partner listings to drill down into their specific expertise and verified customer reviews.  

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