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What is Trailblazer.me on AppExchange?

Recently, Salesforce introduced Trailblazer.me, your reinvented resume and unified profile. Now, we’re excited to share that Trailblazer.me brings together Trailhead, AppExchange, and the Trailblazer Community for one unified identity and login sign up experience across your Salesforce communities.

With Trailblazer.me on AppExchange, you can easily view the installs and subscriptions that are associated with your Trailblazer.me connected accounts. You can manage your AppExchange notifications, reviews, and comments from Trailblazer.me, which puts all of your account settings in one place.

To access your Trailblazer.me profile (if you haven’t set it up yet, here’s how), click on your avatar in the upper right corner from AppExchange.  Here’s a look at your new experience on AppExchange with Trailblazer.me.

Once you’re logged in on AppExchange, easily switch between orgs with the new AppExchange account switcher. This streamlines how you manage installs and subscriptions from multiple orgs, such as production environments and sandboxes. (See figure 2 below.)


With Trailblazer.me, manage all of your account settings from one place, including the notifications that you receive from AppExchange. To update your notification preferences, go to the Email Preferences page on your Trailblazer.me profile.

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 9.05.57 PM.png

If you have written a review or commented on a listing logged in with different Salesforce accounts, they will now be associated to your new Trailblazer.me profile. For details, see Merge Trailblazer.me Accounts. The merge process consolidates all your AppExchange reviews and comments on your Trailblazer.me account.

To learn more, for direction on where to go with specific issues.check out Get Started with Trailblazer.me.

Amanda Nelson is Sr Director of Community Marketing at Salesforce AppExchange.
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