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8 Flow Templates to Accelerate Automation

You can extend the power of Lightning Flow's no-code process automation with flow templates. These partner-built flow templates are available on the AppExchange and solutions range from order management to authentication and payment processing, to healthcare taxonomy.Unlike non-template processes and flows, flow templates can be opened and cloned, allowing you to look under the hood to see how a process is built. You can customize to your needs, without starting from scratch. They give you the edge you need to assemble industry-specific flows on the fly in order to build seamless, guided, and connected experiences. Flow templates help:

  • Jumpstart Flow creation: Eliminate blank canvas anxiety when a customer fires up Flow Builder or Process Builder and start with a base to accelerate development
  • Access industry best practices: Gain subject matter expertise from the partners behind these templates
  • Tailor to specific business needs: Customize the templates to align with your business use case

Check out these eight great flow templates:

1. Accept Card Payments by Chargent

This out-of-the-box component only requires your test or live secret key from Stripe to configure, though you may wish to prepopulate some payment fields in a flow.

Get this flow template >>

2. Feedback Survey by GetFeedback

Add branded, mobile-ready surveys and forms into your flows to fuel your business processes with better data.

Get this flow template >>

3. Questionnaire Form by 7Summits

Leverages custom Lightning components to facilitate the quick and easy creation of highly configurable questionnaires to internal or external users.

Get this flow template >>

4. Profile Wizard by 7Summits

Guide LEX and Communities users through specific steps to update their profiles. Display a user's progress along the way.

Get this flow template >>

5. Check Weather Before Your Travel by Cognizant

Plan your travel arrangements better and check the weather at events through a click on a button. Check the weather as much as three days in advance.

Get this flow template >>

6. Drawloop DocGen by Nintex

Automate your proposal process into simple screens that gives time back to your sales reps. Breathe new life into the document packages you've had for years.

Get this flow template >>

7. Manage a Claim by Accenture

Enhanced rich, automated, guided, user experience. Streamlined claims Management Process to Increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Get this flow template >>

8. Calendar and Contact Sync Now by Riva

Keep your calendar and contacts in sync: automatically syncs calendar events and contacts to the native calendar and address book apps on iOS and Android devices.

Get this flow template >>

Getting started is easy with flow templates. Simply find and install a template from the AppExchange. Open and install into Flow Builder or Process Builder and customize it to your heart's content.

As more and more templates are made available by our partners and by Salesforce Labs, the vision of creating the biggest ecosystem of process automation tools becomes a reality. With it, you can deliver the best digital experience for your users. Check out all of the different flow solutions on AppExchange here.

Deliver success now with Salesforce Customer 360 and AppExchange. Get started by seeing how you can lower costs, increase productivity, and drive efficient growth.

Dary is a Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce.
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