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9 Helpful Healthcare Apps to Add New Patients

In the world of healthcare and life sciences, there are mountains of patient data. This opens up a mountainous amount of opportunities, because this data ca be connected to transform patient care. Based on the new Healthcare and Life Sciences App Guide, here's a rundown of AppExchange apps that will connect conversations, devices, processes, services, and patient healthcare data in a whole new way.

A common customer pain point in healthcare and life sciences is increasing awareness and driving smarter patient and member acquisition. Pulled from this app guide, here's a look at nine apps that can help; using AI and the latest technology to deliver information where and when you need it, resulting in a better experience for everyone.

1. Vlocity Health

“Vlocity's speed and ease of development let us bring to market new applications and products quicker and adapt to the market faster.” - Nathan Garza

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2. Fonteva Membership

“Fonteva is a great way to build relationships with partners, get in touch with them in real time, and close the gap between them and organizations.” - Yvonne Pearson

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3. DocuSign for Salesforce

“DocuSign is the only way to collect signatures. Gone are the days of waiting by the fax machine to close deals.” -Timothy McCarthy

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4. Conga Contracts

“Conga Contracts adds visibility and control to our contract process, replacing frustrating email threads and preventing the use of outdated documents.” - Pamela McMillan

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5. Aktana Decision Support for Sales Cloud

Aktana delivers data-driven insights to sales and marketing reps in their CRM, allowing coordination around the customer experience and alignment on strategy.

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6. Axtria SalesIQ

Axtria SalesIQ offers high-impact sales planning and operations, enabling insight-driven territory alignment, call planning, and incentive compensation.

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7. Evariant Patients for Life Platform

Evariant delivers actionable intelligence, enabling healthcare providers to drive service, extend patient value, and boost provider network utilization and planning.

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8. Icertis Contract Management

“Icertis streamlines the contract process with sophisticated approval routing and tracking, efficient version control, and robust search.” - Mary Dubois

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9. Veeva CRM

Veeva is used by pharma, biotech, and animal and consumer health companies, with PDMA sample management, closed-loop account planning, and formulary management.

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For even more apps, check out the Healthcare and Life Sciences App Guide, and the Healthcare & Life Sciences collection on AppExchange.

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