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FAQ: Technical Questions for AppExchange Customers

Wondering how to install an app? Curious how apps affect your org limits? Have other technical questions about AppExchange? Here are some of the questions we get asked most often by AppExchange customers.

How do I install an AppExchange solution?

Before you install a solution into your production Salesforce org, we recommend verifying the solution’s technical requirements and testing its functionality. Here are some best practices.

  1. Check Edition Compatibility: Verify that all of the components included in the solution are compatible with your Salesforce edition.
  2. Check External Services: If the solution uses an external service, make sure you have access to that service. For example, a solution might link to Google Maps for account management. In order for this solution to work, you would also need access to Google Maps.
  3. Take a Test Drive or Free Trial: Many solutions have test drives or free trials, which allow you to try the solution before buying it. In a test drive, the solution comes preinstalled in a Salesforce org that you explore as a read-only user. In a free trial, the solution is installed in a non-production org that includes sample data. Unlike a test drive, you can customize the free trial org as you explore. If you choose to purchase the solution, this org becomes a production version.
  4. Install into a Developer Edition Org or Sandbox: Before installing a solution into your production Salesforce org, we recommend that you first install it into a Developer Edition org or a sandbox. This approach allows you to test the solution against your data and customizations without affecting your production environment. You can sign up for a free Developer Edition org here.

After you’ve completed these steps and you’re happy with the solution, you’re ready to install it into your production org.

Who can access the solution after it’s installed?

During the installation process, you can make the solution available to all users, some users, or admins only. And don’t worry: If you make the solution available to admins only during the installation, you can make it available to other profiles later.

Is there a limit to the number of solutions I can have?

Nope! While the number of custom tabs and objects is subject to limits, the number of apps is not.

What’s the difference between managed and unmanaged packages?

Managed and unmanaged packages are both containers that hold the code and metadata associated with apps, components, or other solutions. Managed packages are maintained by the provider and can be upgraded when new versions are available. Unmanaged packages are templates that allow you to see and modify underlying code. However, unmanaged packages can’t be upgraded. Package type is specified in the Features area of AppExchange listings.

How do AppExchange solutions affect my Salesforce org limits?

The answer depends on the package type and whether it passed our security review. The good news: All publicly listed solutions on AppExchange must pass security review. 

If a managed package passes the security review, any custom apps, tabs, and objects it uses won’t count against the related limits in your Salesforce org. Additionally, the package doesn’t count against the contractual license limits in your org. However, other limits — such as limits to the number of custom fields on an object — still apply. 

If the package is unmanaged, any resources it uses count against the related limits in your org, regardless of whether it passed the security review.

Where do I find free solutions?

Fun fact: Did you know that more than a third of all AppExchange apps are free? To browse our free solutions, go to the All Apps page and filter by "Free". Or check out our popular Free Apps collection.

Does AppExchange offer mobile-ready solutions?

Yes, AppExchange has hundreds of Salesforce mobile-ready solutions. Many partners also offer custom mobile solutions. To browse our mobile apps, head to the All Apps page and filter by “Salesforce for iOS and Android”.

Any other AppExchange resources that I should know about?

Glad you asked! To learn more about AppExchange (and get hands-on with apps!), check out the AppExchange Trail on Trailhead. We also recommend bookmarking our All Apps page and  Free Apps collection. They contain many of our most popular and highly rated apps, and they’re the perfect place to start (or continue) your journey on AppExchange. Happy trailblazing!

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Andrew Gothelf is Senior Manager, AppExchange Marketing
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