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12 Helpful AppExchange Apps for Surveys

Understanding customer perceptions is crucial, no matter your role or department. That’s because successful organizations put the customer at the center of everything they do, so success relies on those happy people buying your product.

What’s one simple way to gauge what your customers are thinking and feeling? Ask them. Surveys make it simple for you to collect this customer experience data, while also making it easy for customers to give it to you straight. 

 Even more, there are many AppExchange apps for feedback surveys, making it easy to build, launch and gather customer experience results all in Salesforce. Here’s a look at 12 of these survey tools and solutions. For more, check out the Apps for Surveys collection page.


Build beautiful, mobile-friendly surveys, and automatically send surveys after every customer interaction. Sync real-time response data into Salesforce with this highly-rated CSAT, NPS survey solution according to AppExchange ratings and Salesforce Solution Engineers.


Build powerful, mobile-friendly surveys with Formstack's 100% native form builder for Salesforce. With no connectors or integrations needed, you’ll easily capture data in any object, process payment, and more.

Survey Force

Create, send, and capture customer feedback natively in Salesforce with this free app from Salesforce Labs. Labs apps are unmanaged packages built by Salesforce employees.


Improve retention, up-sells and customer experience with this simple survey app. With two-way integration, you’ll enrich records with Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Voice of Customer feedback. It even triggers surveys based on events in Salesforce.


SurveyMonkey’s Salesforce integration makes it easy to automate customer feedback collection and follow up. Send surveys directly from Salesforce, sync responses to any object, analyze responses, and take action in real time all within Salesforce.


Clicktools enables you to collect, centralize, and act on feedback using surveys, call scripts, and web forms integrated with Salesforce.

Inquisium Surveys

Inquisium’s enterprise survey platform delivers reliable insights for smart decision making. Compose 100% of your survey without workflows or coding. In minutes, build and deploy complex feedback programs.

Simple Survey for Salesforce

Capture customer sentiment in real-time! Simple Survey for Salesforce makes it effortless for people to provide you with feedback on their experience with your services and products.


Automate customer touch points and surveys based on workflow rules with Qualtrics. Collect data, and map responses back to any object or field in Salesforce. Plus, create engaging surveys to send to leads, contacts, and campaign members.


With streamlined visual editing and publishing, anyone in your organization can easily create and manage complex forms in Salesforce with FormAssembly.


Build web and mobile forms to automate workflows, increase productivity and optimize internal processes. Mobile and offline forms help optimize field work from sales to engineering. Dynamic prefill enables automatic imports of data from Salesforce.

QuestionPro Surveys

With over 2.5 million users across 40 countries, QuestionPro provides online survey software to generate the insights you need to make better business decisions.

Understand your customers better than ever before with AppExchange apps for surveys. Get these apps and more on the Apps for Surveys collection page.

Deliver success now with Salesforce Customer 360 and AppExchange. Get started by seeing how you can lower costs, increase productivity, and drive efficient growth.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing at Salesforce AppExchange.
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