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The Different AppExchange Solutions, Defined

You may be hunting around AppExchange seeking the right app to extend Salesforce, or solve that nagging challenge. But did you know AppExchange isn’t just apps? It’s an ecosystem of 5,000 ready-to-install solutions including apps, components, Bolt solutions, Lightning data and Flow solutions. All solutions are prescreened by Salesforce to reduce risk so you and your teams can start using it faster. In addition, AppExchange gives you access to 70K+ peer reviews and lets you tap into our partners’ industry expertise that they are sharing through the Salesforce platform. To date, customers have installed over six million solutions.  

There are tons of ready to install, no code and low code solutions that live on AppExchange. Apps, components, Bolt solutions, Lightning data and Flow solutions are all available, so let’s look at these in more detail.


These are ready-to-install third party applications build by partners and Salesforce employees. You'll increase productivity and growth through a proven ecosystem of pre-integrated apps with millions of installs and customer reviews. Even better, many AppExchange are free. To find free apps, go to the All Apps page and sort by "Free" using the filters on the left menu. Or you can use the "All Apps" menu to access the Free Apps collection. Speaking of free, take a look at Salesforce Labs apps, developed by Salesforce employees. Just look for that fun little beaker logo. Visit the Salesforce Labs collection and meet our Salesforce Labs Evangelist.

"This app enabled us to get a 'host' of dashboards up quickly. We are short on Salesforce reporting experience so being able to customize these reports and dashboards saved a lot of time. Now we have a quick and easy view into what's going on in our business. Many thanks to those who took the time to develop and share these!" - Elizabeth Jones's AppExchange review of AppExchange Dashboard Pack for Sales, Marketing and Service

Check out all apps >>


Components are building blocks to create your own apps and custom pages in Lightning with clicks, not code. Components are responsive, reusable, and work in Lightning App Builder with drag and drop. They contain all of the code they need to run, so you can reuse them in other apps and pages. With an out-of-the-box set of components built by Salesforce employees (known as Salesforce Labs), build your own custom components for unique uses. You can also find a powerful array of components built by Salesforce partners.

"The Lightning Component is easy to use. Pop it into any Lightning page, plug-in your Player ID and you're good to go." - Jeroen Burgers's AppExchange review of Vidyard 

Check out the components >>

Bolt Solutions

Bolts are pre-built templates for Salesforce Communities, enabling you to deploy industry solutions and communities faster. Bolt solutions are built by an ecosystem of partners, and contain industry process flows, apps, Lightning components, and Communities, all integrated seamlessly with the Salesforce platform.

"Whether integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud or another ticketing system, Cadalys Concierge offers closed-loop issue resolution in an elegant, user-friendly package that's a snap to use. And the Lightning Bolt version makes it even easier to build once and distribute to other implementations!" - Dave Brooks's AppExchange review of Cadalys Concierge™ Lightning Bolt

Check out Bolt Solutions >>

Lightning Data

Lightning Data is pre-integrated data solutions with real-time updates. Find the right data and connect it to your org with data enrichment, in order to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts. These solutions are approved and scalable, so explore our community of data providers and install in trial mode for a free assessment. Fuel your business with the right data.

"Once we were able to use their match tool to append DUNS numbers to our accounts, we were able to bring in valuable data in to our account records such as SIC and NIACS codes. This was a key component in segmenting and analyzing our customer base...It's also nice knowing that it was all done correctly using the software and has eliminated the chances of human error. Their support team has been great as well, helping us through every step of the installation. Bottom line, it's worth the buy." - James Lines's AppExchange review of D&B Optimizer

Check out Lightning Data >>

Flow Solutions

Flow solutions include a growing collection of partner-built integrations. Flow solutions simplify the flow building process by making it easier to create flows that connect with and perform actions on third-party systems without requiring additional integration or code. Examples of available Flow solutions include accepting a credit card payment, conducting a credit check, checking the weather forecast, and adding a video player. Flows work in Cloud Flow Designer. They give you the edge you need to assemble industry-specific flows on the fly in order to build seamless, guided, and connected experiences.

"I have been a Chargent user for over 6 years. This Flow module with Lightning integration allows me to configure and build elegant solutions to streamline payment processing in a snap, leveraging the power of Flows and components. Excellent work as always!" - Jim Thompson's AppExchange review of Chargant

Check out Flow Solutions >>


In addition to the many solutions at your fingertips on AppExchange, you have access to over 1,000 consultants, which include certified consultants offering strategic guidance, deep technical skills, and relevant expertise to help you transform your business. Salesforce consultants are companies that are authorized by Salesforce to develop and deliver custom solutions, project implementations, integrations, migrations and more.

"The Deloitte team helped us to deliver faster than expected. Their team adds value on our projects by identifying the best way to use a solution, proposing best practices and functionalities." - Romain Montillet's AppExchange review of Deloitte Digital

Find a consultant >>

Commerce Cloud solutions

Now more than ever, consumers are buying online, and using their smartphones to do it. Ecommerce and mobile commerce are huge for business owners and app developers. And for consumers, ecommerce and mobile commerce technology boosts their engagement, retention, and purchases. Integrations and partner solutions are a huge part of Commerce Cloud’s experience and capabilities, which is why Commerce Cloud continues to invest in building out partner offerings. Now, these partner solutions, bringing innovative commerce experiences, are here on AppExchange.

Tailor your ecommerce platform to the needs of your customers with Commerce Cloud solutions, from in-store to on-site merchandising and point-of-sale experiences, payments, shipping and tracking, and more. 

Shop all Commerce Cloud solutions >>

Salesforce Billing Payment Apps

The payment process is a crucial step to the customer experience and billing process.  It’s essential that this process provides the right flexibility and choice - while adhering to regulations like PCI compliance - to make it easy for your customers to make a payment. The new Salesforce Billing Payment Apps are here to help. These new solutions use a managed package on AppExchange that extends Salesforce Billing by embedding payment capture during eSignature or linking Salesforce Billing to payment gateways, without needing to build or maintain the integration. 

Provide more payment flexibility to your customers and manage the payment process that is right for your business.. On AppExchange, choose the Salesforce Billing Payment App that is right for your business, install the package into your org, and configure it in Salesforce Billing.

Check out Salesforce Billing Payment apps >>

RPA Bots (Robotic Process Automation) and Chatbots 

RPA bots automate business processes. This CIO article explains it well, and states, “[RPA] captures and interprets applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. RPA scenarios range from something as simple as generating an automatic response to an email to deploying thousands of bots, each programmed to automate jobs.”

Chatbots, or conversational agents that mimic human speech or text to simulate a conversation, make it easy for your customers to quickly find answers, while also automating common questions and conversations for employees. Chatbots are often used in the customer service space for support operatives and customer satisfaction. Now, the process of setting up RPA and chatbots just got easier. You’ll speed up customer self-service and enhance agent productivity with the new AppExchange packages. These new solutions — built by AppExchange partners and Salesforce employees (via Salesforce Labs) — make it easier to build and deploy RPA bots and chatbots (see the collection).

See the chatbots and RPA solutions >>

Marketing Analytics Solutions for Datorama

Marketing analytics solutions for Datorama expand your marketing intelligence with dedicated apps for connecting, unifying, and acting on all your marketing data. With marketing analytics solutions, you can quickly create a single source of truth for every major marketing function. Datorama is now on AppExchange, and has solutions to measure and optimize every marketing investment and activity. Measure social media performance, optimize your media spend based on Einstein Marketing Insights, track KPIs, develop competitive insights across your social networks, and much more.

Note: Marketing analytics solutions require a Datorama license and are also available in the Datorama Marketplace.

See the Datorama solutions here >>

Check out all of these solutions right here on AppExchange.

Deliver success now with Salesforce Customer 360 and AppExchange. Get started by seeing how you can lower costs, increase productivity, and drive efficient growth.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing at Salesforce AppExchange.
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