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14 Customer Tips to Find the Right AppExchange Solutions

With over 5,000 AppExchange solutions, 80,000 peer reviews and six million installs, AppExchange is bigger and better than ever. It’s exciting, and our goal is to help customers find everything they're looking for on the leading SaaS marketplace. How do you navigate AppExchange? Do you search? Read reviews? Call your admin friends?

We tapped those navigating AppExchange and making those installs and asked them, what’s the best way to find what you need on AppExchange? Here’s their advice.

Read AppExchange listing reviews

"In my opinion, the customer reviews are the best way to gather unbiased feedback from other clients about the application." - Tal Frankfurt 

"I always start with customer reviews on the AppExchange. To me, these are so much better than the customer references you obtain from the provider, because I might see a name I recognize and I can reach out to them directly to get personal insights." - Shannon Zdanowicz 

"Read the reviews. Ask the Ohana which solutions they use and why, in addition to any challenges they’ve discovered. Those challenges might not be the same as yours, but it might spark a new way of thinking." - Jackie Travieso 

Attend events

"I watch Demo Jams. These provide me the opportunity to get a demo before I engage with the partner. I’ll see short demos from several partners that serve the same market. Because it’s quick, I have time to review several products in a short amount of time." - Shannon Zdanowicz 

"Go to your local Salesforce User Group meeting, Dreamforce, or other local Salesforce event. Some of the best apps I've seen or installed have come from seeing others rave about them at these events." - JP Seabury

Try it before you buy it


"Take 'em for a Test Drive in your Sandbox or dev org (most of them are free!)." - Steve Molis 

"Try it before you buy it. Regardless of the feedback, ratings, and demos, you'll need to determine if the product is a right fit for your organization and worth the price. While you might be able to narrow down the contenders with feedback and demos, you really need to try it to be sure." - Sean Fielding 

"Along with trial periods, remember that the sandbox is your friend when it comes to AppExchange trials! Try apps in a sandbox (full, if possible) to get the best sense of how it will impact your org." - Dominic Ionadi 

 Watch for the latest releases

"Keep an eye on the 'latest release' date -- knowing that an app is being improved regularly is helpful." - Dominic Ionadi 

"Look at the latest release date, especially if there is new functionality being released by Salesforce in that particular space." - Sean Fielding 

Search smart


"Type your first keyword in the search bar without hitting enter and read all of the queries searched to be guided on the different types of apps. Once you click through to a listing, look at the customization guides to get a better idea of the support quality and the configuration capabilities. Also, take a look at the last release date to check if the app is updated regularly, and if it includes new release capabilities. Understand the difference between Lightning-ready apps and apps powered by Lightning." - Jean-Michel MOUGEOLLE 


Step-by-step advice

"Look for number of installs, reviews both about the app and from word of mouth from our Ohana. Install in sandbox and try it out, or call for demo." - Bhavna Banodha

"Here's what I do, not just to find the best app, but the best company:

1. Search based on key terms.

2. Read reviews.

3. Google the app and see what comes up.

4. Install in sandbox and play around.

5. Contact the app vendor’s support team with two questions. (Know the answer to one, and not the other. See how fast you get a response and the quality of the response.)

6. Install in the sandbox and get real feedback by selecting my most change resistant user to come and try it out without training."

- Brian Kwong 

"1. Open AppExchange

2. Search with keywords

3. Check if it is free/paid

4. Check the publisher

5. Read reviews

6. Install in a sandbox

7. Configure it

8. See the result

9. Contact the vendor’s support team to see their response

10. Negotiate the price (if possible)

11. Go to Infosec team for review (based on company policy)

12. Get your boss/team approval"

Johan Yu 

Do you have a tip for navigating AppExchange? Share it with us on Twitter at @appexchange.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing at Salesforce AppExchange.
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