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10 Document Generation Solutions to Help Companies Take Back Their Time

 Document generation has long since been a task that has required companies to commit large chunks of time and resources. But as businesses and technology have evolved, so too has the ability to automate the document generation process. The advancement of document generation solutions is good news for organizations around the world since the ability to save time has never been more valuable.

These 10 solutions, each available on the AppExchange, enable companies to automatically create and deliver documents such as contracts, proposals, and invoices to accelerate the sales cycles and optimize organizational efficiency — all from within Salesforce.

Let’s take a closer look at the pawsome solutions and the benefits they have to offer.

DocuSign Gen

Purpose-built for small businesses, DocuSign Gen accelerates sales cycles by automating the generation of customized sales documents from within Salesforce. Eliminate data entry errors, generate quotes and invoices, and more with this mobile-friendly solution.

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Conga Composer

With Conga Composer, organizations can easily create digital documents using pre-built or customized templates automatically populated with data from Salesforce. This app enables small businesses the ability to send consistent and personalized documents without a major time commitment.

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Docomotion brings together rich functionality and committed customer service to provide you with a document generation experience that makes life easier for small businesses. Use Salesforce’s inherent automation tools to generate and deliver personalized documents without a human touch.

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Simple Signature

Simple Signature allows for companies to quickly and remotely gather signatures without the multiple-step processes or expensive, custom solutions. It’s as simple as reading, entering your name, and signing. Keep it simple. Get it done.

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Formstack Documents

Formstack Documents automates your document generation and enables sales teams to easily generate and customize contracts and proposals. Merge Salesforce data into documents and speed up your time to close by never copying and pasting data or contact information again.

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Nintex enables the ability to generate documents with just a few clicks using data from Salesforce records, forms, or other systems to build customized documents that empower your employees and accelerate your operations.

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Built for a seamless user experience in Salesforce, SmartCOMM for Salesforce gives users the power to deliver a better customer experience with dynamic document generation, personalization, collaboration, and contract negotiation.

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Weaver is a 100% native document design and generation solution, making it easy for anyone to build beautiful document and email templates, and use Salesforce to render your customized documents and emails, in PDF, Word, Excel, or HTML formats.

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TS Documents

TS Document allows users to generate, customize, edit, and produce data-driven documents based on Salesforce data. With a template builder that ensures you merge the correct data into your document template, TS Documents is an innovative way to optimize your document generation.

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End-to-end Document Automation

This solution allows users to create documents with one click, without leaving Salesforce. Use sample templates as the basis for designs, drag and drop fields and line items into templates, and combine multiple documents into one PDF with End-to-end Document Automation.

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While companies of all sizes can benefit from integrating these solutions for document generation, small and mid-sized businesses need to ensure that all of their resources are being utilized in the best possible way.

Stop spending all that time on manual document generation. Let the solutions do the work for you.

Discover more solutions that can help you automate document generation and other mundane tasks on the AppExchange.

Christian Connors is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange.
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