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AppExchange's Latest Collection Pages

See the latest curated AppExchange collection pages in one single place to help you find apps and expertise that are right for your business. Bookmark this page and check back often to stay on top of newly added collections.


Get data-driven insights faster than ever before with expert-built, customizable dashboards.

Launched: 9/12/2023

See all the apps and experts at Dreamforce

Join us for three days of connection with our partners to accelerate AI-powered innovation, productivity, and data-driven decision making.

Launched: 8/8/2023

Extend the #1 CRM for Sales

Put data at the center to grow your business faster with certified consultant expertise and proven apps.

Launched: 6/1/2023

Scale Service that your customers love

Extend the world’s most complete and connected service platform to grow lifelong customers with proven prebuilt apps and certified consultants.

Launched: 6/1/2023

Find the right partners based on your role

Power the future of business with partner apps and experts.

Launched: 6/1/2023

AI Apps and Experts

Deliver more magic moments with these AI-powered apps and expert guidance from Salesforce-certified consultants.

Launched: 5/8/2023

Connect with TrailblazerDX Sponsors

Learn how you can drive success now with the help of our amazing sponsors.

Launched: 2/22/2023

Deliver Success Now with Salesforce Customer 360 and AppExchange

Explore how partner apps and experts can help you lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve results.

Launched: 12/12/2022

Get Success Now with Partner Apps and Experts on AppExchange

Discover partner apps and experts that can help you succeed now.

Launched: 11/22/2022

Slack Partner Industry Solutions

Slack and Salesforce consulting partners deliver the first wave of industry-specific Slack solutions to bring the digital HQ to life for customers.

Launched: 9/14/2022

Force™ Collection by Salesforce Labs

Solve your toughest business challenges with these top, free, native Salesforce solutions.

Launched: 2/8/2022

Celebrating 10 Million Installs

Thank you, Trailblazers. Because of you, AppExchange apps have been installed over 10 million times.

Launched: 1/14/2022

Trailblazer Top Picks

Discover the trusted apps and experts that made the list this year.

Launched: 12/20/2021

Test Drive

Take a Test Drive. Just one click lets you try out apps to see which are right for you.

Launched: 11/10/2021

Dreamforce 2021

Relive Dreamforce. Catch up on Trailblazer stories, must-have apps, and more with AppExchange.

Launched: 9/28/2021

Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Support your business and diverse communities at the same time. Find innovative apps and consultant businesses owned by individuals from underrepresented backgrounds.

Launched: 8/26/2021

Account Engagement

Find apps and experts to extend the power of Account Engagement B2B marketing automation.

Launched: 8/24/2021

Accelerate Cohort 11

Discover industry solutions that put customers first. See which AppExchange partners recently completed our Accelerate Grow program to better serve Salesforce customers.

Launched: 8/19/2021

AppExchange Chat

Chat in real-time with a partner expert on select AppExchange listings. It’s as simple as clicking on the blue chat icon on their listing. With immediate answers to your questions, you can make an informed decision faster.

Launched: 7/13/2021

Latinx-Owned Businesses

Contribute to a more inclusive AppExchange community by investing in Latinx-owned businesses.

Launched: 7/13/2021

AAPI-Owned Businesses

Support these Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders-founded businesses. By investing in AAPI-owned businesses, we're investing in all of our communities.

Launched: 5/19/2021

Experience Cloud

Explore solutions and educational content to discover how to increase speed to market for your Experience Cloud site launch. Enhance and enrich customer experiences with configurable apps and components.

Launched: 5/5/2021

Women-Owned Businesses

Support these women-owned and founded businesses. Find a solution that's right for you and partner with our diverse communities.

Launched: 3/31/2021 

Black-Owned Businesses

Support these Black-owned businesses. Celebrate our diverse community while finding the right apps and expertise for you.

Launched: 2/17/2021 

Salesforce Labs Digital App Guide

Explore free, customizable, customer-recommended solutions from Salesforce Labs to help solve common pain points. Find apps faster and easier, as you can look by department and pain point.

Launched: 2/11/2021 

Einstein Automate

Increase the speed of how you work. If you’re ready to start automating, you don’t have to begin with a blank slate. Find pre-built and ready-to-install solutions like process libraries, robotic process automation solutions, flows, and more to create automated workflows with Einstein Automate.

Launched: 12/2/2020

Revenue Cloud

See apps to extend Revenue Cloud! You'll be able to manage the entire revenue management process with apps to drive contract management, usage data management, taxation, billing, and more.

Launched: 11/12/2020

Winning Solutions

We asked Trailblazers to share their winning app stacks they use to extend the power of Salesforce. Check it out to get inspired in finding your own winning apps to help solve your biggest business challenges.

Launched: 10/19/2020


Drive innovation and quick results with Salesforce Digital 360. Explore apps and experts that can help you make the most of Marketing, Commerce, and Experience Cloud, helping you create seamless experiences and deepen your customer relationships.

Launched: 9/23/2020

Salesforce Labs Lightning Web Components

Discover 40+ customizable lightning web components and ready-to-install apps to help you work, collaborate, and connect faster.

Launched: 8/27/2020

Explore solutions to extend Build trust with your employees, customers, and community and stay resilient with pre-built solutions and consulting expertise.

Launched: 6/1/2020

Education Data Architecture (EDA) Readiness Initiative

Get the most out of the Education Data Architecture with customizable apps for your education institution.

Launched: 4/16/2020

Stabilize Your Business

Discover solutions to stabilize your company. Address short term risks and stabilize operations with apps, solutions, and consulting expertise.

Launched: 3/24/2020

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Chatbots

Solve customer service problems faster with automation by automating repetitive tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and improving customer self-service with chatbots.

Launched: 10/31/2019

Sales Engagement

Apps that provide inside sales reps with tools that enrich data, drive productivity, and extend the scope of the sales process.

Launched: 11/5/2019

Midwest Dreamin’ Trailblazers’ Favorite Apps

Trailblazers shared which AppExchange solutions shine the way for them. See 50+ AppExchange solutions your fellow Trailblazers are over the moon about.

Launched: 9/26/2019

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