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10 Marketing Cloud Apps for Personalizing Your Marketing

By creating and delivering interactive experiences, personalized outreach messaging, and other relevant content, companies are able to drive conversions by helping customers identify the solution they’re looking for.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud apps, available on the AppExchange, help companies personalize their marketing campaigns to deliver audiences relevant online experiences. These solutions help companies trigger engagement based on consumer behavior, third-party insights, business logic, and more.

Begin reaching and connecting with specific audiences by implementing these 10 solutions with Salesforce.


Jebbit builds eye-catching interactive experiences, branded surveys, and lead forms, all while capturing data and insights directly from consumers. Utilize customer data and insights to build content that provides a distinct and effective online experience.

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Sitecore Connect

Sitecore utilizes content and visitor data to create those personalized customer journeys that will help your company deliver powerful online experiences. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to access the content they need within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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Marketing Cloud Mobile App

Track performance and manage emails, customer journeys, and automation remotely with the Marketing Cloud Mobile App. Take action to pause, resume, and cancel email sends at a moment’s notice, and share success with your team through email and text. Ensure your marketing campaign stays personalized by gaining access to manage Marketing Cloud from anywhere.

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Send international mailing campaigns, from postcards to self-mailers to letters, with this direct mail automation app. Optilyz leverages the power of automation and personalization through flawlessly-blended customer journey integration. Run a highly profitable, targeted campaign with incentives and visual imagery to help you improve results up to 70%.

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Bluecore helps retail marketers generate targeted audiences and personalized experiences across channels including email, Facebook, Google, advertising, onsite personalization, and more. By focusing on commerce, Bluecore is able to deliver targeted results for retail marketers.

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BounceX is an international marketing technology solution that is most well known for its measurable impact on email performance and website personalization. BounceX enables Marketing Cloud to scale with best-in-class identification and onsite conversion optimization, to ensure your email campaign is equipped to drive traffic, and your website is equipped to convert.

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Movable Ink

Movable Ink revolves around building visual experiences, helping marketers fill the gap of personalized email content by automatically generating unique image variation in real-time. This is at scale, based on consumer context and behavior, third-party insights, and business logic. Personalize and update relevant video content that will help any campaign standout.

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Vudoo — Interactive Video for Marketing Cloud

Vudoo is an interactive video content platform that uses intelligent personalization to improve the experience for viewers. These personalized interactions drive engagement and uncover insights that enhance your use of Marketing Cloud.

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Email Content Personalization and Feeds For Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Personalize your email marketing content with this marketing automation tool. Easily power marketing cloud emails, customer journeys, and trigger campaigns while simultaneously injecting rich, interactive content, social, video, and more directly into your email campaigns. Combine the power of a search engine with real-time automation and a simple drag-and-drop content studio.

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Swrve Mobile Marketing (US)

Swrve helps you create and deliver personalized, timely, and relevant push notifications directly from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce customers can seamlessly interact with mobile app users based on real-time behaviors that are happening across channels, including interactions that are already tracked by Salesforce.

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Each of these solutions extends Marketing Cloud with personalized campaigns for powerful experiences to audiences. From the creation and delivery of creative content to more effective audience targeting, you’re sure to find the Marketing Cloud app you’re looking for on the AppExchange.

Find these 10 solutions and other Marketing Cloud apps on the AppExchange

Christian Connors is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange.
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