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All Your AppExchange Test Drive Questions Answered

AppExchange Test Drive: The Fast and Easy Way to Try Apps

You’ve browsed or searched AppExchange. You’ve found an app that checks all the right boxes. But is it really the right fit for your stakeholders and business challenge? Checking out a demo is great, but one of the best ways to really see an app in action is to jump in the seat, fire up the engine, and take the app for a Test Drive.

How AppExchange Test Drive Works

A Test Drive lets you get hands-on with an app in just a few clicks. Here’s how. 

First, find an app that offers a Test Drive. Then click the Test Drive button (1) to be transported to a read-only Salesforce org that includes the app, sample data, and, in some cases, a guided tour. You’re free to explore the app at your own pace, saving you time and resources because the entire experience is contactless.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if an app is available to Test Drive?

Look for the Test Drive icon on the app listing. We’ve also put together a list of best-in-class Test Drives in this AppExchange Collection page.

Do I need any training or knowledge to take a Test Drive?

Nope — and no seatbelt, helmet, or driver’s license required, either! The entire Test Drive experience is guided by helpful prompts, videos, and images curated by the app provider.

Do I need to install anything to take a Test Drive?

Nope! If an app offers a test drive, the entire experience is delivered through a standalone Salesforce org that you’re free to explore at your leisure.

What’s the difference between a Test Drive, a free trial, and a demo?

Great question! Here’s how they compare.

  • Test Drive: A Test Drive lets you explore a read-only Salesforce org that contains the app you’re interested in, plus sample data. Often, a Test Drive includes a guided tour that highlights the app’s key features. (Don’t worry —- you can skip the tour if you prefer to explore things on your own!)
  • Demo: A demo is a short video that shows off an app’s top features.
  • Free Trial: A free trial is a standalone Salesforce org that contains the app you’re interested in, with the option to add your own customizations and data. Because free trials are customizable, they often take a little time to create, and you may need to interact with the app provider’s sales team. The benefit of a free trial is that if you choose to buy the app, your customizations, data, and users are maintained. The caveats: free trials often don’t include sample data, and you lose access to the org if the trial expires.

Do I need to log in to AppExchange to take a Test Drive?

No, although logging in provides a more seamless experience, you can still take a Test Drive as a Guest User after filling out a short contact form.

Are there any costs, caveats or gotchas to know about before I take a Test Drive?

No, Test Drives are 100% free. If you select the “Contact Me” checkbox on the Test Drive contact form, a representative from the app provider may reach out to ask about your experience and answer any questions you have.

I’m ready to take a Test Drive. What should I do next?

Start by exploring our market collection of apps with the best Test Drive experiences. When you see an app that interests you, open the listing. Then, take the Test Drive — that’s it!

I’m a Salesforce partner. How do I add a Test Drive to my app listing?

Thanks for your interest! To get started, check out AppExchange App Trial Management on Trailhead. Then head to the Partner Community for playbooks, videos, and other content.

Adriana Santos is a Director of Product Marketing on AppExchange.
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