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8 Sustainable AppExchange Apps to Help You Go Green

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​​​​​​AppExchange apps not only help solve business challenges, they also support your office as a platform for change by reducing CO2 emissions, waste management, managing sustainability initiatives, and more. If you’re looking to make sustainability changes at your company, look no further than this list of apps with sustainability features, and many more on AppExchange, to get the ball rolling today.

Want a way to keep track of your construction teams without pen and paper? Whether you are a developer, general contractor, or specialist contractor, HardHat helps you track and manage tenders, bids, RFIs, subcontractors, health and safety, build timelines, post-construction, and quality via desktop and mobile field applications. Manage projects, people, assets, and operations, by reducing risk and complexity across your business.
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This app is dedicated to creating a paperless work environment for every business. PandaDoc helps take the work out of document workflow and does it all in Salesforce. Get an all-in-one document generation and e-signature automation solution that helps your teams quickly create, manage, analyze, and sign digital documents. Better yet, setting up and customizing this native, Lightning-ready integration is easy and doesn’t require any coding.
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Riskonnect ESG Governance
Ditch the printers, ink, and fax machines in your office with Riskonnect ESG Governance. This app offers advanced solutions for your supply chain, helps increase efficiency, and improves the effectiveness of your programs. Collaborate with operations and partners to collect, analyze, and report on your company’s environmental, social, and governance initiatives directly in Salesforce.
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Looking for an easier way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint? With Synapsum, distributors bring actionable supply chain cost intelligence to improve customer profitability in Salesforce and identify ways to further cut carbon emissions. This app helps orchestrate, connect, and automate across your supply chain, finance department, and sales teams with an end-to-end workflow that supports cost-to-serve intelligence, actions, and resources.
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Specification Management Platform
Whether it’s packaging, raw materials, formulas, products, or machinery specifications, the Specification Management Platform makes sustainability optimizations easy across any stage of the product life cycle and helps companies of any size manage specs across their entire supply chain. This app offers a recommendations engine to analyze specifications and provide substitutions to reduce costs or make products and packaging more sustainable.
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Going green and looking to adopt paperless tools at the office? Empower your users with video and help move them into the post-typing era. NativeVideo records videos and uploads them for use in service, support, onboarding clients, sales communications, project management, interviewing, recruiting into your organization, and more. This app also tracks, reports, and gives insights on all video interactions directly into your dashboards.
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SightCall Visual Support
Reduce your CO2 emissions by using SightCall to provide remote visual support to on-site technicians or customers with live video support for your office. This app helps escalate any conversation to a video call, so your team sees what your technician or patient sees, and allows you to remotely diagnose or guide using a comprehensive toolset and AR features. Be online and additionally sustainable in hours, with just one install from AppExchange.
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Don’t waste your resources; get an email service app that stores your email communications safely in Salesforce. mDrafty helps your business send automated email templates, and manage all inbound and outbound emails and email alerts activity records easily. This app can use enhanced email templates, functionalities like cross object merge fields, retain original email messages when replying with a template, and more to help you on your sustainability path.
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Be the voice for change, find apps and experts that put sustainability front and center on AppExchange!

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