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How to Secure your Data with AppExchange

How to Secure your Data with AppExchange

Security is a big deal in our digital age. As technology advances, we’re becoming more connected than ever before, and many important aspects of our lives are stored in digital spaces, like banking systems and insurance databases. If you work in technology, you know how important the data you keep and store is, and here at Salesforce, Trust is our #1 value. Managing customers’ contact info, payment info, and in some cases, their health information is a big responsibility. Check out these three tips to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Enable MFA

Strong passwords are a must and MFA helps put an extra wall of defense to your account. MFA stands for multi-factor authentication and enables authorized users to verify their identity before sign in. This is often done through methods like OTPs (one time passwords,) security codes, and voice/facial recognition. At Salesforce, this can be achieved through mobile push notifications. Essentially, MFA requires approval for every login attempt into an organization’s database. Whenever you (or someone based outside your resident city) attempts to login, you’ll immediately receive a notification asking you to approve (or reject) the request. Cool, right? MFA is a requirement at this point and for an important reason. If you still haven’t enabled MFA, or are new to Salesforce, we recommend watching this video, and exploring MFA Dashboard on AppExchange. This handy dashboard measures MFA usage and adoption in your Salesforce environment. With it, you can track users with MFA enabled, verification challenges, and more.

Check it out on AppExchange.

Conduct Regular Security Assessments

Updating your security settings is one thing. Maintaining it is another. With technology advancing at a rapid rate, it’s important to stay on top of your system’s defense settings. A security assessment can help your team identify vulnerabilities in your system and ensure your system complies with legal regulations and company policies. Most importantly, regular security audits will help your organization guard its’ most sensitive data and tools like Org+ and Multi-Org Security Summary can help with this. Solutions like these can provide your security team with detailed overviews of your orgs’ security settings and provide insights into areas in need of improvement. Org+ provides details into user privileges, object control, and profile highlights. Multi-Org Security Summary provides you a clear picture of the security health of your entire Salesforce program and manage your team of Admins more efficiently. It’s the perfect option if you manage multiple environments!

Check out these apps here and here.

Utilize Data Encryption

Encryption refers to the conversion of your data from readable plaintext to incomprehensible jargon. Encryption is often utilized by organizations to protect sensitive data as it travels through the internet and helps add another layer of security to your information. Encrypted data can be unlocked by a cryptographic key, which is a string of numbers both the sender and recipient agree on. The more complex the cryptographic key is, the more secure your data will be. With AppExchange, you can encrypt your users’ data easily. The User Encryption/Decryption solution on AppExchange helps keep every user's data secure by encrypting and decrypting data with keys that are unique to each user. It also supports user encryption/decryption in apex and flows, and includes two separate flows for encrypting and decrypting.

Check it out on AppExchange.

Connect with Us!

There you have it! Cybersecurity is an important aspect to any organization, and these apps can help you get started. Have you tried any of these apps? If so, be sure to leave a review on AppExchange! Not only does it provide us with valuable feedback, but a review also helps other admins in their search for impactful apps. Salesforce Labs is always bringing new, innovative solutions to AppExchange. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay updated on the latest and greatest apps to hit the market!

You can also find more free, employee built apps by exploring our updated guide. This app guide is full of customer recommended Labs Apps, and can help you identify apps for different use cases. 

Marianna is an Evangelist for Salesforce Labs
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