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Learn more about the Expanded Commerce Ecosystem on AppExchange

To help you more easily and quickly try, find, and install the right apps and experts to extend Commerce Cloud, we have migrated all apps from the LINK (B2C Commerce) marketplace to AppExchange – made up of cartridges and headless integrations.

Our goal is to accelerate your success with Salesforce and make it even easier for you to quickly discover the right apps and experts for your business needs. AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace of apps and experts that enable you to get the most out of Salesforce. With more than 7,000+ proven, pre-built, and customizable solutions to choose from and 91% of Salesforce customers using at least one AppExchange app today, you can accelerate your digital transformation wherever you are in your Salesforce journey. 


Q: What does this mean for me?

A: Customers will now go to AppExchange for all Commerce B2C Commerce cartridges and headless integrations. As of March 31, 2023, the LINK (B2C Commerce) marketplace URL will redirect you to the Commerce Cloud Collection on AppExchange.com.

If you interact with the Salesforce-managed GitHub repository to build your storefront code, please refer to the final question in this FAQ for more details. 

Q: Where and how can I find B2C Commerce cartridges and headless integrations on AppExchange?

A: All B2C Commerce cartridges and headless integrations are now discoverable on AppExchange.com by searching for B2C Commerce and/or the ISV partner name in the search box

Q: Do I need credentials to access AppExchange? 

A: No. Anyone is able to browse AppExchange and take actions including watching a demo, chatting with a partner, and test-driving apps. Only Salesforce admins and users with “Download AppExchange packages” permission can install AppExchange apps. To install B2C Commerce cartridges and headless integrations, once on a specific listing, you will be redirected to the partner contact details in order to complete the installation of the cartridge or headless integration. 

Q: Do I need to accept any Ts & Cs for accessing the listings on AppExchange?

A: The use of AppExchange is governed by the Salesforce Program Agreement, accessible via the “Terms of Use“  in the website footer. 

Q: Is there a fee for the use of a B2C Commerce solution listed on AppExchange? 

A: Partners set the pricing for their solutions on AppExchange. There are 4 pricing models they may choose from, providing transparency to customers: Free, Paid (customers must pay to use the solution), Paid with Add-on Required (customers must pay for a product or service that is external to Salesforce for the solution to work), Freemium (customers can use the limited solution for free, but must pay to increase usage, users, or features). If you have questions about the pricing of a solution, please contact the partner.

Q: Will B2C Commerce solutions – cartridges and headless integrations – be certified by Salesforce?

A: Salesforce Partners are responsible for implementing and maintaining a comprehensive security program and maintaining the security of all apps they list and distribute on AppExchange. Partners must adhere to the security requirements outlined in Security Requirements for AppExchange Partners and Solutions. Note that the security requirements in this document are not exhaustive. We encourage partners to follow all applicable industry security standards. In addition, Salesforce reserves the right to perform a security review of any solution at our sole discretion. Starting in early December 2022, the B2C Commerce Certification Program is no longer required. 

Q: Will there be any changes to the location where the B2C Commerce cartridges source code is currently stored?

A: ISV partners will host their own B2C Commerce cartridge source code (Ex. from their own gated Github, Bitbucket, or other code hosting services or provide the code to customers upon request). Customers will be directed to the partner's site from the AppExchange listing to request access to their code.

Customers and Consulting partners can continue to access Salesforce-owned official cartridges and community-developed cartridges in the Salesforce-managed GitHub repository. No changes are expected on Salesforce and Community-owned cartridges.  

Q: Will I need to make any changes to build my storefront when the B2C Commerce Cartridge source code since it's removed from the Salesforce-managed GitHub repository?  

A: If you interact with the Salesforce-managed GitHub repository to build your storefront code, you will need to change your development process to account for cartridges no longer being there. If you have your dev ops processes setup to directly get the B2C Commerce partner's code from the https://github.com/SalesforceCommerceCloud/link_XYZ location, you will need to change this setup to follow our best practices to download the partner's code locally and make necessary changes before plugging it into your development instances.

Other Questions? If you have questions or feedback, please fill out the feedback form. Thank you!

Santhana Krishnasamy is a Senior Director of Product Management at Salesforce.
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