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7 AppExchange Apps to Help You Connect and Activate Your Data

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​​​​​​Customer data is more abundant than ever – but having access to the right data isn’t always easy. How can you ensure your organization’s data is connected, accurate, and protected in a way that you can act on it to build exceptional customer experiences? These AppExchange partner apps can help you harness the power of data and AI to enrich customer profiles and activate data across audiences at scale to support your real-time data strategy.

Data Enrichment Apps
One of the best ways to connect the data you have with new insights is to enrich it. With the help of these data enrichment partner apps, you can connect your first-party data with data collected from other internal sources or third-party external sources. 

Unified Identity
Unified Identity allows you to enrich customer data from all offline and online sources, directly into Salesforce Data Cloud. With this app, you can ingest and normalize data, verify customer information against an authoritative truth set, enrich records, and integrate data into the marketing landscape. 
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Payment Data
Payment Data connects to Data Cloud to ensure that your critical customer spend data is where you need it most. The app also easily integrates payment transactions, customer balances, and other real-time payment data so that you can see your revenue by customer, cohort, or campaign – all while in Data Cloud.
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CDP Identity Essentials
CDP Identity Essentials helps you enrich your customer profiles with hundreds of industry-specific demographics, behavioral, and transaction attributes to better understand what makes them tick and to help you with segmentation, next best actions, and personalization.
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Acxiom Data Enhancement
Acxiom Data Enhancement is an easy way to understand and engage audiences everywhere, maximize your media investments, and power more personalized experiences. With Acxiom’s data, you can communicate across multiple segments and improve campaign results by as much as 350%.
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Data Activation & AI Apps
It’s not enough to just connect and enrich data. With activation and AI partner apps, you can save time and increase productivity by enhancing your data and ensuring it’s accurate enough for teams to act on.

The Trade Desk
The Trade Desk is a platform integration app that converts CRM data to Unified ID 2.0s for activation in The Trade Desk to seamlessly target, scale, and measure audiences with a privacy-centric workflow.
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LiveRamp Distribution
LiveRamp Distribution empowers brands to create personalized experiences for their customers, enhancing the reach & accuracy of their marketing programs by connecting and distributing audiences to our expansive network of over 500 platforms and partners.
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Coveo AI delivers search and relevance, making Salesforce a unified center of knowledge and issue resolution. The app works cross-channel, cross-cloud, and cross-platform in self-service and in agent-assisted service.​ 
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Find even more apps in our Data Cloud Collection to help you enrich and activate data across audiences at scale to support your real-time data strategy. For an even deeper dive: Learn more about Salesforce’s latest Einstein GPT, Data Cloud and Flow announcement.
Lauren Gaskill is a Senior Manager of Customer Marketing at Salesforce AppExchange.
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