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Backing Up Data Is More Important Than Ever: These AppExchange Apps Can Help

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Within organizations around the world, data and information is constantly being sent, stored, and tracked in Salesforce orgs. To keep information secure and ensure it’s never permanently lost, those organizations often need a system in place for backup and recovery. Backup apps help keep Salesforce free of unwanted data, reuse data that are already stored, recover deleted data, and optimize security. With apps available on AppExchange, organizations can rely on their stored information at all times, allowing them to automatically collect data and put it to use anywhere, anytime.

Let’s take a look at six apps available on AppExchange that could help back up and recover data in Salesforce

1-Click Code Backup by Wakencode
1-Click Code Backup is a full code backup app, with downloads including Apex Triggers & Classes, Visualforce Page and Components, and Aura Bundle. Increase productivity and gain time from avoiding taking full or partial code backup either by creating a changeset or using an external integrated development environment.

OwnBackup: Salesforce Data and Metadata Backup & Recovery
OwnBackup is an enterprise-ready data protection app designed to eliminate data downtime. The app allows users to keep data secured, initiate seamless recovery, and replicate backup data. OwnBackup offers users the ability to immediately protect data and eliminate manual backups because of its simplified compliance, easy setup, and unlimited storage.

Metazoa Snapshot — Org Management for Admins
Metazoa Snapshot is a complete solution for Salesforce admins to get tools that help reduce technical debt, optimize security, improve compliance, become more productive, and lower the total cost of org ownership. Use powerful tools for org cleanup and optimization. Monitor user activity over time and generate permission matrix reports. The solution compares differences between orgs and tracks changes over time. DevOps, Business Analysis, Org Analysis Metadata Dictionary is a management platform to help drive change at a pace with confidence. Use business analysis, org analysis, and documentation to rapidly build a business case. It’s an admin and developer tools app that enables users to make any 3rd party document, video, webpage in-app, or pop-up help at the object and field level. Extend the help icon in classic and Lightning record pages.

Storage Helper Free Edition- Helps with data storage costs & GDPR compliance
Storage Helper is a safe and easy way to automatically mass delete unwanted data in Salesforce. Storage Helper safely mass deletes data for any standard and custom object. Keep the org free of unwanted data, safely delete Salesforce data using the native app and have storage usage analytics at your fingertips.

GRAX Backup for Salesforce: Automated Data Backup, Recovery & Archive
The GRAX Backup app provides IT Management, enterprise backup, recovery, and archiving solutions with scalable data operations and reuses tools for Salesforce data. Customers can own their Salesforce history, access it anywhere, and reuse their data. This app offers the ideal way to capture, ingest, and collect historical versions of data into your DataOps ecosystem. 

For businesses, backup and restore apps help companies recover, reuse, and secure information. And in a time where data and information are at the core of any organization’s success, these apps are more valuable than ever.

Find more apps that can help improve your company’s backup and recovery process on AppExchange.
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