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Accelerate Growth Now with These AI and Data Partners and Apps

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Growing lifelong customers is something we all want, but none of that matters if sales teams don’t have the tools they need to close deals efficiently and effectively. CRM is the first step, and research now shows that beyond CRM, high-performance sales teams are also relying on products, partners, and tools that enhance their data and provide massive ROI with AI. 

A recent study by the Harvard Business Review revealed that companies using AI for sales increased their leads by over 50% as well as leading to cost reductions of almost 40-60%. And it’s no secret that better data can help sales reps better prospect, qualify, and close deals.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our top-reviewed partners who can drive efficiencies and help you sell smarter with data and AI. Start becoming future-ready today and begin to drive greater success powered by intelligence with these certified experts and proven apps.

Data Apps:

Make lead capture, matching, and routing look easy, even when it isn’t. LeanData helps you build, track, and manage complex workflows on the fly with code-free automation that’s completely customizable to your growth needs. This app also allows you to uncover real-time lead-to-account connections to get the most out of your Salesforce data.
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Cognism for Salesforce provides sales and marketing teams with globally compliant B2B contact data and helps you generate leads based on your ideal customer and identify new opportunities from existing CRM records. This app’s data solutions allow you to access fully GDPR-compliant B2B data and eliminate time-consuming manual data entry with automated data enrichment.
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This app provides a revenue engagement solution for enterprise sales and service teams. Natively built, Conquer works inside Salesforce to give teams the tools they need to gain access, grow pipeline, win revenue, and strengthen customer relationships. This app also helps to eliminate lengthy data syncs with outside platforms while maintaining data accuracy across teams.
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Conga Grid
Conga Grid saves you time and increases adoption with inline editing, batch actions, and mass updating. This app can also improve efficiency with clean data, boost pipeline management with insights, and simplify data management for clean, accurate data using multi-tab grids, Excel-like inline editing, and mass updates.
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AI Apps:

Spinify’s award-winning sales gamification is the only platform to use GPT AI. This app helps boost competition, improves motivation, and helps your team hit their KPIs. It’s also packed with features such as generative AI, leaderboards, scorecards, automated celebrations, and more. 
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Highspot Sales Enablement
With Highspot and Salesforce, you can equip sellers with the right resources for every engagement - directly in any lead, contact, and opportunity record - and quantify the business impact of your enablement initiatives, using patented AI. Using AI-driven inferencing, this app can simplify your reps’ workflow and provide comprehensive insights into buyer activity so they can accelerate deals faster. 
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Advertising Management Software for Media Buying & Selling
ADvendio is a full-process advertising management solution that supports ad sales, media buying, or combined deals in Salesforce. This app combines media buying and selling into one platform to efficiently manage omnichannel campaigns and offers out-of-the-box solutions for designing, executing, and optimizing advertising campaigns from a centralized hub.
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Revenue Grid Forecasting & Pipeline App
Get complete visibility into your revenue cycle, spot gaps in your pipeline at any stage, discover deals at risk or stalled deals, and determine the next best action to move deals forward with the Revenue Grid Forecasting & Pipeline App. This solution also helps you extract insights from your Salesforce data, visualize your reps’ engagement across the sales cycle, and get data-driven insights at each step of the deal. 
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Driven by the power of customer data, Accenture and Salesforce reimagine human experiences that reignite growth and accelerate the path to value. They have won the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award 19 times and delivers more than 48 thousand Salesforce-skilled people and more than 60 thousand Salesforce certifications. 
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Deloitte Digital uses creativity, technology, data-driven insights, and the power of partnership to help you transform impersonal transactions into trusted relationships. Amongst other accolades, they were named a wave leader for Salesforce consulting partners worldwide by Forrester and have also won Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards on many occasions. 
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Slalom prides itself on helping people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows. They have also been recognized with six total Salesforce Innovation Awards, and their cross-Salesforce capabilities include business, technology, customer strategy, integration, data and analytics, user experience, process design, and more. 
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Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. is a leading end-to-end provider of Salesforce services, including design, consulting, implementation, and support. They are focused on helping their clients discover emotional connections to their customers, innovate, and fulfill their brand promise, and have been recognized by leading global analyst firms such as Forrester. 
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Combining the latest Salesforce technology with their people-centric, business-led approach, PwC is helping the world get back to business. A fully connected, ever-changing future is waiting to help you put data at the center of every decision, with insights on people, processes, financials, and risks, this expert can guide your business into the future. Since 2013, PwC has won more Salesforce Innovation Awards than any other partner.
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Simplify Your Path to Success
AI and data technology have the power to future-proof and transform businesses, change lives, and build a better world. So no matter the company size, industry, or business challenge, partner apps and experts help businesses connect to customers. 

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Amanda Matlock is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange.
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