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PITCHER IMPACT | Sales Enablement & Closed Loop Marketing

Starting at $20 USD per user per month Pitcher is priced based on a per seat annual license model. Exact pricing depends on the exact configuration, # of users and the contract length. Please contact us to know more.

Discounts available for nonprofits



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Making a day in the life of a rep seamless and fully offline.

Pitcher provides industry-leading Sales Enablement & 100% Offline Salesforce capability for those companies looking for a turnkey sales enablement solution. Quick deployment, fast adoption and easily scalable worldwide.####Click Watch Demo to learn more!

  • Install and go. ##Out of the box, Pitcher can bring your accounts and contacts offline–including page layouts, validations, custom fields, sharing rules, and data models.
  • Configure to fit. ##With a user-friendly interface, you can configure the app to map your online customizations to offline/mobile.
  • Enhance to build. ##Using Pitcher's offline APIs, you can build SFDC applications from the ground up with a few lines of code that will work online and offline.
An all-in-one sales enablement app that integrates seamlessly with SFDC and gives your sales reps the ability to carry all the resources of your organization in their briefcases. Pitcher enables your reps to create dazzling presentations, gives them instant access to your company’s marketing and sales resources, while giving you access to powerful analytics–all from one app.####Pitcher empowers sales and marketing teams to better engage with prospects and customers while giving the team at home base the insight they need to analyze how their teams and marketing collateral are performing.####Few use cases for Pitcher include:####- Offline Sales & Marketing Collateral Presentations##- Digital Content Management with quick deployment capabilities##- Order Capture and Stock Tracking for CPG Reps##- Store Routes, Price Capture and Shelf Audits for Retail Reps##- Historical Sales Data Access for Key Account Managers##- Account/Contact Management, Call Execution and Call Reporting, Remote Presentation for Pharma Sales Reps##- Mobile Coaching, Performance Monitoring and eLearning for Sales Managers##- Cloud Based Agile Content Management and Distribution, Real Time Analytics for Marketers


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits

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  • Custom Applications: 1
  • Custom Tabs: 4

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Package Name
Pitcher Zero
Summer 2015 / 1.2.0
First Release
Latest Release
Zurich, Switzerland
US: 914-219-0790 | EU: +41 43 535 77 90

Pitcher is a leading sales enablement solution designed to make sales teams more productive and efficient by giving them everything they need to succeed in a single mobile app. It allows reps to put together dazzling presentations, gives them access to all their organizations’ marketing and sales resources, and makes analyzing sales and marketing data simpler. All this provides organizations with more actionable insights, leading to more team agility.####Founded in 2011, Pitcher has grown into a giant in the sales enablement space. Today, Pitcher is working with businesses in 18 different industries, 135 different countries, and 52 different languages, with extensive experience in the following industries:####Consumer Goods##Financial Services##Life Sciences##Manufacturing####Schedule a demo today and see what kind of difference Pitcher can make for your organization.