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Snapshot Change And Release Management

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Metadata Deployment, Compliance, Security, and Reporting for Complex Orgs

Snapshot is a rich desktop application that generates metadata reports, deploys changes from sandbox to production, improves compliance and security, cleans up unused assets, and tracks configuration changes over time. Compatible with Salesforce DX.

  • Take snapshots of org metadata. Compare configuration changes over time or between sandbox and production. Save and restore backups of org metadata. Document every push with a comprehensive report saved to your Salesforce account.
  • Snapshot provides and automates dozens of vital reports that document every aspect of your Salesforce account. Discover security flaws and changes to permissions over time. Clean up unused objects and fields. Watch for metadata changes to any asset.
  • Snapshot is a desktop application that communicates directly from your personal computer to your Salesforce account using the Data, Tooling, and Metadata API. Metazoa does NOT expose your username, password, or session to any data center or cloud server.
Is your Salesforce account large and complex? Would you like to see how your org changes over time? Are you having difficulty configuring your org, and managing the change and release process from sandbox to production? Snapshot is the solution.####Snapshot provides a comprehensive way to visualize the complexity of your org, generate reports on the metadata configuration, deploy changes from sandbox to production, manage continuous integration, roll back deployments, conduct compliance reporting, clean up unused assets, and track configuration changes over time.####Snapshot automatically captures and compiles detailed reports including Data Dictionary, Difference Comparisons, Relationship Matrix, Field and Picklist Usage, Profiles Vs Page Layouts, Apex Code Coverage, Security Health Check, and more. Snapshot can watch for specific problems and automatically generate alerts.####• View and Report on Metadata Configuration##• Push Changes From Sandbox To Production##• Manage Continuous Integration##• Conduct Compliance Reporting and Backup##• Clean up Unused Data and Metadata Assets##• Track Configuration Changes Over Time##• Automate Reports and Alerts about the Org


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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Other System Requirements
Requires the free Metazoa Player, learn more here:####

Support Metazoa Support features qualified Customer Success Engineers who can address questions directly or escalate the issue if necessary. Metazoa Support is available Monday – Friday from 5 AM to 5 PM PST (8 AM to 8 PM EST) excluding major holidays.

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San Francisco, California, USA

Located in California, Metazoa is dedicated to building, marketing, supporting, and selling Snapshot, the world’s finest Change and Release Management application for Salesforce. Metazoa was founded in 2018 by key members of DreamFactory Software. Our team built the first AppExchange application back in 2006, and has constantly improved Snapshot for over 10 years.